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Nov 20,2014 Posted by to Blog

A common them of our digital marketing content is that in the realm of selling goods and services on the Internet, it really is about your customers, not you (and your business). Good digital marketing comes down to these three things: sell a product or service that’s useful to customers, create content and information that highlights and offers value, and be present and attentive when customers have questions or concerns. Digital marketing tools and tactics should be used to help formulate a strategy that caters to customers in all three ways.

Since the start of the digital revolution, businesses have had a difficult time mapping the customer’s journey to an online purchase. Now that fewer purchases occur in a physical store with direct interaction from a salesperson, businesses have much less influence on customers. But there are ways you can make sure your business is present at the most important time: when a customer needs to ask you a question or has made the decision to purchase. One of these ways is display advertising, and we’ve created a digital marketing guide, whitepaper and webinar to help you understand why it can be a game-changer for your business.

Marketing Guide

The first thing we did in October (right after coming up with our Halloween costumes, of course) was create our easy-read marketing guide: Everything You Need To Build Your Own (Awesome) Remarketing Campaign. Our goal with these digital marketing guides is to cram as much information about our topic onto one digestible page. We know sometimes you won’t have time for our whitepapers or webinars, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create short content that’s easy to read and understand. Our guides do the trick and this one is a treat (puns 100% intended). Give it a look over your morning coffee and we promise, you’ll be hungry for more display ads content (and probably breakfast).

Webinar Recording

Because display ads involve various moving parts that seem to require a lot of know-how, many companies let display ads (and social ads and retargeting) fall through the cracks. But fear not (okay, fear a little, for Halloween’s sake) our 5 Ways Display, Facebook Ads and Remarketing Will Open New Revenue Streams webinar is here. Once you watch this remarkably entertaining and thoroughly knowledgeable session, you’ll have a new appreciation for the kind of impact display ads can have on your business.

Last but not least (while we were eating leftover Halloween candy) we wrote our Why You Need To Enter The Wonderful World Of Display Ads whitepaper. Everybody needs a little convincing from time to time, and this whitepaper is our chance to give you a tiny nudge toward display ads and retargeting. We want your business to experience the magic of display ads so at the very least, we hope you give them a try. What’s the worst that could happen?

As you can see, we love to bring the knowledge at WSI! So please, come back often to collect our latest and greatest digital marketing resources! You can also follow us on Twitter where we’ll tweet our content releases and other musings, facts and interesting things.

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