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Why You Need To Enter The Wonderful World Of Display Ads

Nov 20,2014 Posted by to Blog

Whether you realize it or not, as a user of the Internet, you’ve encountered display ads. They are the reason you see ads for products or brands whose sites you’ve previously visited. Once or twice you may have even thought to yourself, “Wow, that’s uncanny, I just looked at those shoes yesterday.” The good news is that every business can incorporate some form of display advertising into their digital marketing mix. It’s not just a tactic for big, well-known brands, and it’s not that difficult to get a handle on all of the details that go into a campaign.

Display ads, social ads and display retargeting are the three kinds of campaigns we believe can boost your business’ bottom line. Since we know it’s a little bit daunting to break the ice with a new strategy you’re unfamiliar with, we focused our latest digital marketing whitepaper on display ads. Titled Why You Need To Enter The Wonderful World Of Display Ads, this whitepaper gives you some perspective on how display ads really work and why they’re so beneficial to businesses around the world.

The situation: you’re a razor blade company. So imagine being able to specifically target males between the age of 20 and 65. Picture a man reading fantasy football articles on ESPN, when all of a sudden he sees the head of a clean-shaven Casanova winking at him with a caption that reads, “SAVE ON RAZOR BLADES!” That’s interesting, he thinks, as he rubs his scruffy face. He clicks the ad and instantly, he’s seconds away from ordering your razor blades right to his doorstep. This is convenient for both you and the customer – it’s a win-win!

This is why you should read our Why You Need To Enter The Wonderful World Of Display Ads whitepaper. We’ll uncover all the reasons why Online Ads + Remarketing = Conversions Galore, and much more about why it’s a good idea for you and your business to get familiar with display ads.

What’s Inside

How display ads use the psychology of emotional persuasion that marketers love, but tailor it for the modern, digital age:

• Target ads to specific groups (superior to limited targeting of TV or billboard ads)

• Immediate, streamline to purchase makes display ads more effective than interruption marketing

• Pathos can be just as strong, if not stronger, in the digital images of display ads

Why bringing back customers who have visited you before (retargeting) is easier than attracting new visitors:

• A previous visitor has proven their interest in your product or service

• New visitors are in a much earlier phase of their buying cycle and less likely to purchase

• Choosing when and where to serve ads enables maximum effectiveness

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