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Why Remarketing is a Good Investment of Your Advertising Dollars

Jun 10,2015 Posted by to Blog

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Have you ever been browsing for a certain product online and either changed your mind about buying it or just want to take time to do more research?

You may have noticed after looking at a particular item, banner ads for that product follow you wherever you go. They’re in your home stream on Facebook, pop up on Youtube videos, show up when you’re using search engines and even splash across your home page. This is no mistake and this is good marketing … REMARKETING.

Businesses are jumping on the remarketing band wagon because of the greater ROI and the opportunity to target an interested consumer.

‘CPG company Kimberly-Clark relies on retargeting, saying it is seeing 50 to 60 percent higher conversion rates among consumers who have been retargeted.’ –CMO.Com

When used effectively, remarketing can keep a brand front and center of a prospective buyer throughout the buying cycle.   Retargeting ads are typically found to perform higher than the traditional display ads.

It is wise to be discerning when retargeting in order to avoid creeping out or appear to be stalking prospects wherever they go. If you constantly bombard a prospect with your ads, it may backfire on you and lessen your credibility.

There are several good remarketing strategies that you should consider. For example, remarket to existing customers by offering them a discount or hitting them at the right time of the ‘rebuying’ cycle. Filter your audience, so that you don’t waste precious advertising dollars on an audience outside of your particular demographics.

Create a variety of retargeting ads in order to match the specific product or services that prospective buyers show interest in. For example, if a visitor to your website browses a specific item or page, be sure your remarketing ad highlights that particular product or service.

Dynamic remarketing gives you the ability to create customized ads for prospects at different stages of the buying cycle or with interest in a specific product. By making your ads relevant to what the buyer is looking for and keeping front and center throughout the entire buying process, you have the highest likelihood of being there when they finally make the purchase.

Website visitors that are retargeted with display ads are seventy percent more likely to convert on your website.

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