Be a Good Neighbor and Target Customers in Your 'Hood Infographic

Why Local Businesses Should Use Geo-Targeted Advertising

Jun 21,2016 Posted by to geo-targeted advertising

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Newsflash to all the business owners of brick and mortar stores out there — It is extremely important to get to know your community and  geo-target ads towards those consumers within a certain radius of your shop. After all, they are the ones most likely to be repeat customers.

Convenience is a must nowadays. I make it a point to find the closest stores to my commute home from the office. It’s so much easier to make a quick stop along that route than to travel miles off course to pick up everyday items I need. That is pretty much every busy working’s shopping persona … convenience and instant gratification.

By targeting those consumers in your neighborhood, you are more likely to create a repeat customer base. Over sixty percent of consumers take action on location-based ads. Half of mobile users will visit a store within twenty-four hours of conducting a local search. These are real numbers that could add up to some real increase in revenue.

People want to shop local. Not only because it’s convenient, but because they realize it’s in their best interest to support their local economy. Supporting local businesses makes for a more vibrant community and keeps property values high.

No one wants to live in a community with a bunch of boarded up vacant buildings. It’s not only an eye-sore, it’s a safety issue. Geo-targeted advertising works. So give your neighborhood the opportunity to support your business by giving them a shout out that you’re there and ready to supply them with the convenience of shopping local.

Check Out Our Infographic : Be a Good Neighbor and Target Customers Right in Your ‘Hood

Infographic – ‘Be a Good Neighbor and Target Customers Right in Your ‘Hood’

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