The Mobile Technology Movement

Why Businesses Need to Keep Up With the Mobile Movement

Oct 25,2016 Posted by to AdaptiveSEO

It is no understatement that mobile technology has greatly impacted the world these last few decades. Our mobile phones play an integral part of how we perform day to day tasks , keeping us connected 24/7.

The mobile movement has changed consumers’ expectations as they fully expect to have a mobile optimized experience and will abruptly abandon a website that is not mobile friendly.

According to the ‘KPCB Internet Trends 2016 ‘ study, the average mobile user spends 4–5 hours on their mobile device, has 30 apps installed and uses about 12 apps per day . Most of the time is captured by 3 apps. In the United States it is Facebook, Chrome, and YouTube. Globally its Facebook, WhatsApp, and Chrome. With Chrome in the top 3, it’s important to optimize interactions between the mobile app and mobile website.

It makes sense that  app creation and usage has exploded. Game and productivity apps allow us to play, multi-task and improve our lives – all from one device.

As a business owner or marketer, don’t discount your industry as not right for mobile marketing. At this very moment someone out there is using their smartphone to search for exactly what you offer.

The Mobile Technology Movement

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