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What’s in a #? Why Every Business Should Be Using #Hashtags

May 20,2015 Posted by to Blog

Anyone under the age of 20 will stare blankly when you reference the word ‘pound’ for the symbol [#] instead of ‘hashtag’ . . .  the meaning of this #symbol changed with the birth of Twitter nine years ago. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey to enable text messaging with cross platform capability (phone, computers, and other devices).

Back then, smart phones were just beginning to hit the marketplace and many of Dorsey’s friends didn’t have phones with texting capacity. Nowadays,Twitter users everywhere are well versed with the #hashtag language and many of the other social media platforms are jumping on the #hashtagbandwagon. Facebook just started recognizing #hashtags this past year.

But those of us born in the last century may be a little befuddled by the use of #hashtags and lack the understanding of how to use them. As time marches on, it has become necessary for businesses that want to market themselves well to learn how to harness the power of the #hashtag. Many of large corporations around the globe are using #hashtags to help brand themselves.

Luckily, there’s hope for us. Check Out this ‘Ultimate Guide to #hashtags’ Infographic Create by SocialMediaOnlineClasses and if you want to go into greater depth on this subject, check out their full article here.

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