What is the importance of having a LinkedIn Account?

Jan 15,2015 Posted by to Social media

If you have ever asked yourself this, then you might want to pay attention. LinkedIn is the largest social network based solely on building professional connections around the globe with over 225,000 users. Whether you are looking for professional connections within your industry or just looking for people with similar interests, a LinkedIn account is something all professionals should have.

Want to double your LinkedIn Connections? Follow these tips to get started on building your professional network.

  1. Make sure you continuously update your status. Instead of sharing a daily update of what you are doing like most people do on Facebook or twitter, try posting a blog article that relates within your industry.
  2. Join or follow similar groups. If you want to establish solid connections this is a good way to do it. This will also allow you to learn or share insight within your specific industry.
  3. Be proactive in contributing in discussions on a regular basis. This will again allow you to share your insight within your industry and also allow you to gain some credibility.
  4. Update your profile. Always make sure your contact information is correct, that way it is easy for users to contact you and stay connected.
  5. Endorse your LinkedIn profile on other social media accounts. This allows your friends and followers on other social media networks to easily connect with you on your professional site.

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