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What Are the 3 Ps of Tracking Your Digital Marketing Success?

Nov 04,2015 Posted by to Better Branding

There is much to making your digital marketing a successful endeavor. In fact, all the factors involved can make your head spin. Yes, the digital arena is a tough place, but avoiding the challenge can cause you to fall behind your competition.

Try looking at Digital Marketing in this simplified form as laid out in this infographic ‘The 3 Ps of Tracking Your Digital Ecosystem’. The 3 Ps being Properties, Path and Purpose combined with understanding your customers and making their experience with your brand a positive one.

In the first P, properties, you’ll see that there is some that you have full control over, such as your website and some that you have some control over, such as your social media sites, and some that you have no control over, such as review sites. Control might not be the optimal word, as you can steer reviews and social media in your favor when you monitor and address issues in a timely manner. In fact we just posted a blog about that a few weeks back; How to Turn Negative Social Media Comments into a Positive for Business.

The second P is path – this is important because you need to access exactly how your customers are interacting with your brand and layout a clear path with Call-to-Actions in the proper property locations to make their journey as seamless as possible. Once you get your customer to make the desired actions, such as a purchase, you’ll need to follow through with a hearty thank you or some expression of how much you appreciate their business. This will serve to create better brand loyalty and repeat business.

The final P, purpose is essentially the reason for your existence. If the purpose of your website is to convert visitors into customers, then your analytics should focus on how many leads and sales you’re receiving.  By defining your companies main goal and taking effective steps to measure your success, you have a clearer idea of what is and what is not working.

Any successful business owner will tell you that sales don’t just happen, they are earned through developing a sound business plan, great customer service, effective branding and advertising.



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