Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Reach New Customers

Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Reach New Customers

Apr 25,2019 Posted by to digital marketing

Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Reach New Customers

Did you know that every day Google notes about 40,000 search queries per second? According to another statistic, active shoppers do a least one search a day. This means customers these days are curious and research driven. The questions you should be asking yourself now is whether your business digital marketing strategy helps you reach those customers?

If your answer is no, it’s time to work on your strategy. Lucky for you, Google offers a lot of insight into the changing patterns and customer shopping profiles. Here are some things to consider before you put a new digital marketing strategy in place.


How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Reach New Customers


  • Immediacy trumps loyalty – Your business has to be right there when potential customers are looking for something.  Research shows that searches “today, tonight, open now” are becoming more popular every day.
  • Near me searches tripled since 2015. Is your business Google listing up to date?
  • Nearly 9 in 10 smartphone users are not certain of the specific brand they want to buy from when they begin to look at information online. This is the chance for your business to stand out. Think of an interesting business creative to grab their attention.

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  • Customers are quick to judge a business online if they don’t have a good experience right away. Research shows you only have 3 seconds to make a good impression online!
  • Customers these days are impatient and they want to access everything right away. If they can’t find your contact information with one click, you may be losing that sale. Make sure your website is mobile friendly and easy to navigate to avoid any confusion.
  • Customers are more demanding, informed and aware. Therefore, you have to tailor your strategy to market each customer individually.
  • Mobile strategy is a must – Google is recording more mobile than desktop searches every day. Did you know an average consumer looks at his/her phone about 70 times a day? Mobile phone changed how we interact with the world, so make sure you include a voice search and mobile-friendly website in your business digital marketing strategy.

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Don’t choose a tactic before you have a good digital marketing strategy in place. If you want to set up your business for success online, make sure to consider each one of these Google insights and then act on them!

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