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Use Landing Pages to Convert More Leads Without Generating Any New Traffic

Mar 07,2017 Posted by to digital marketing

One of the greatest benefits of landing pages – whether you are just getting started or already have them – is the capability of converting more leads without increasing traffic by a single website visitor. In most scenarios, an increase in your conversion rate by a mere 1% can improve your gross sales. Often, this is more effective than increasing visitors to your website.

Website conversion centered on improving your current marketing materials and catering to your current clientele is a win—win. At Famous WSI Results, we believe a thorough content review is a great place to start improving your digital marketing strategy. Tweaking what you already have keeps cost at a minimal and potential gains are big!

Understanding the basic best landing page practices can pay off. For example, having a single call-to-action button on landing pages can increase conversions by 62%. Yet, over half of marketers do not even bother to create a new landing page for different marketing campaigns. Not Cool!

Landing pages should have one simple and clear Call-to-Action (CTA). If your landing pages currently have multiple CTA, begin by creating a landing page for each specific action you wish your visitors to take. By simplifying your landing pages to make your visitors’ experiences pertinent and specific to what they are looking for, you will experience higher conversion rates!

Another interesting stat we came across is that using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by a whopping 86%.  People are reading less and watching video more. By adding some short explainer videos to your landing pages, you stand to have a higher success rate.

Here is the full infographic with a few more stats to show Why You Need to Level Up Your Landing Pages as soon as possible:

Landing Page Optimization Stats Infographic

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