Video Will Help Your Site Get More Search Links

Think Your Business Doesn’t Need Videos? You’re Wrong

Mar 29,2016 Posted by to digital marketing

Adding great quality content stuffed with keywords was at one time the way to rise in search results rankings. Well, those days are long gone and have been for some time.

As the internet becomes more inundated with content, videos and images are beginning to appear in Google search results. So it stands to reason the more images and video you have on your website the more search links you are creating.

Did you know that video appears for 55% of search queries?

Don’t take our word for it; Check out this ‘Manta Tip of the Day’ stating that “Video Will Help Your Site Get More Search Links

I believe it important to point out that simply adding images and videos is not the whole story. It is VERY important to optimize them with the right tags, titles, keywords and descriptions in order for them to be pulled up in the right search results.

And finally, Did you know that Youtube is the #2 Search Engine?

Check out this infographic by Mushroom Networks:

Created by Mushroom Networks

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