The Magic of Remarketing Your Delaware Business

Dec 29,2014 Posted by to Blog

Have you ever noticed the same ads popping up on your computer screen time and time again? I recently took to the web to search for winter boots. I visited a few sites, but never made a purchase. Why? Because I wasn’t very familiar with the brands that showed up on the search engines. After a few days and a few unsuccessful trips to the mall, I tried using the web again. However, this time one of the sites I had previously visited kept appearing as a banner ad. I went to the site again and finally purchased not just one but a few pairs of new boots just in time for winter.  This is called remarketing, and is something every business should consider as part of their advertising strategy. In simplistic terms, remarketing can be defined as an advertising strategy that retargets potential customers that have already shown interests in your products or services by utilizing banner or display ads. Below is a few simple steps that illustrate how effective remarketing for any business can be!