The Danger of Using PHP 5 into the New Year

The Danger of Using PHP 5 into the New Year

Nov 13,2018 Posted by to website design

The Danger of Using PHP 5 into the New Year

Any website still running on PHP version 5 at the end of 2018 is in danger of being exploited.

Support for PHP 5.6.x ends on December 31, 2018, after which websites still using the outdated PHP will find itself susceptible to attackers looking vigorously for security flaws to exploit vulnerable websites.

The imminent end-of-life of PHP version 5 is a ‘ticking time bomb’. When a software product reaches EOL (end of life), it is no longer supported by software developers. So even if a security hole in the software is discovered, it will not be fixed.

Support for PHP 5.6.x Ends in 2 Months, Millions of Websites at Risk

Consider that almost 80% of all websites run on PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor), it becomes apparent how crucial it is to keep up-to-date on the latest PHP version.  When support for PHP 5.6 ends in 2 months, it could put millions of websites at risk. ANY website running on old PHP will be vulnerable to hackers or spammers due to security holes, incompatibility or outdated coding.

Many corporations, small to mid-sized businesses and home businesses have discovered the versatility of Content Management Systems (CMS) that use PHP for functionality, such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These CMS make it easy and quick to add fresh content and dynamic media such as videos, Calls-to-Action, pop-ups and chatbots.

I’m personally partial to WordPress as the number of contributors across the nation and the world have worked tirelessly to keep it an open source software available to everyone, everywhere. It makes it easy to manage your content and the plethora of plugins available extend functionality without limits.

Using PHP 5 Becomes Dangerous in 2 Months

WordPress and many other CMS use PHP, an open source general-purpose scripting language powering all types of web development. PHP enables the generation of dynamic page content, collects and encrypts data, manages your website files and more.

It is highly suggested to upgrade to PHP version 7 quickly, not only because it is EOL, but because there are many bugs in PHP 5 that relate to performances, memory usage and more. PHP 7 will make your website run faster, be more stable and run more efficiently.

Look at updating to PHP version 7 as a sort of 2000-mile checkup – just as a car starts to run rough or could even break down if regular oil changes and tune ups are missed, your website will not run optimally or could even break if you fail to regularly maintain its engine!

If all of this is still Greek to you, contact your website developers and talk with them about which version of PHP your website is running on. Be firm that you want to upgrade to PHP 7 before the new year arrives!

Final argument for updating to PHP 7: Do you REALLY want to take that chance that your website will be hacked or breakdown? Won’t that be BAD for business? AND couldn’t it cost you more to fix than if you had been proactive and upgraded before EOL of PHP 5?

At Advertising Is Simple, we have prepared ALL of our client’s websites for the coming year. We actively backup, maintain and update all our websites to keep them secure and running seamlessly. If your website was designed years ago and it has not been maintained, it is a ticking time bomb.


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