Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization for Your Delaware Business

Social Media is a fairly new marketing tool with potential to expose your business to more consumers and a higher rate of interaction, creating a higher conversion rate (turning visitors into customers).

When done right, social media can help deliver your company’s message, something that is called ‘Branding’ and encourage consumers to take an active role in helping to develop your social online presence through exposing your product or service to the ‘friends’ within their social network.

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Examples of Using Social Media to Help ‘Brand’ your Product or Service:

Let’s say that your business sells NFL Apparel and you want to notify customer of a sale you are having on jerseys early in the season. Rather than simply posting a ‘Sale Notice’ on your social media site, your company might get your followers to interact by posting the following message: ‘First 10 customers to correctly identify the MVP of next Sunday’s game against the ‘Giants’ will win a free NFL Jersey of their choice!’ This will send out a ‘Call to Action’ which is more likely to catch your follower’s attention than simply posting ‘All NFL Jerseys 10% through next week’.  By engaging your followers, consumers are more likely to become customers!

How can our experts at Famous WSI Results help you with Social Media Optimization in Delaware?

Consumers are viewing a brand’s Facebook presence at an increasing rate, in fact, 82% of the 1000 social media users surveyed said that “Facebook is a good place to interact with brands”. [ Lab42 ]

Social Media Experts Delaware

This new study also suggests that 50% of consumers feel that a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than their website.

These statistics mandate businesses to take social media sites, such as Facebook, seriously

Famous WSI Results can help guide you through this new marketing platform to give your company greater visibility and more power to interact with potential customers outside of the traditional arena. The scope of connectivity to consumers has increased thanks to the rise of social media.

Famous WSI Results can help your business connect with the social media marketplace!

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