Email Marketing & Newsletter Campaigns

How Do These Strategies Help Build Business?

The majority of Internet users have email addresses so it is no surprise that email marketing remains a very viable strategy available to marketing today. It allows a business to develop new customers and continue relationships with current customers.

A business without an email campaign strategy is missing opportunities to offer product releases, promotions and newsletters to subscribers.  Email marketing should serve as an extension of your social media optimization and has the potential of converting into sales!

How Can Famous WSI Results Help with Your Email Marketing Campaign?

There are a numerous ways we can help you run the best type of campaign for your industry.

  • Frequency: How often does your company put out new products, services or promotions? This will determine how often you should send out emails.
  • Integrate With Social Media: Invite your social media subscribers to sign up for your newsletter and your blog. Promote them one posting or tweet at a time.
  • Analyze and Track Your Results: Monitor open, forward, sent and bounce rates, as well as click-through and conversion rates, to determine how your campaigns are performing.
  • Engage Your Subscribers: Don’t just feed them with data and information, allow them to interact with your content! Ask questions, conduct polls, offer an interactive game, have a contest … make them become part of your content.

Email Marketing Delaware

  • Set up Landing Pages: This is a tactic, if done properly, which can drive subscribers to your email newsletter, where valuable content and nicely designed pages can increase conversion rates.
  • Make Messages Relevant: This is important, make sure it is information they care about rather than things they don’t know.

Famous WSI Results can help you design, implement and carry out all of the above strategies while using Adaptive Search Engine Optimization to increase your reach.  We can also work on a consultant basis to keep your Email Marketing & Newsletter Campaign on track.

To learn more of how our Adaptive Search Engine Optimization technique can help with your email marketing campaign, call (302) 407-0430 or 

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