‘Expert’s Guide to Flushing Your Website Budget Down the Toilet’

New to Internet Marketing? Start With the Basics

May 03,2016 Posted by to digital marketing

Marketing a small business online can be daunting when you barely have time to run your business. There is a cacophony of advice out there — wading through it all to get to the core of what can make your business more visible on the internet can be frustrating, leaving you in a state of inaction.

As a small to mid-sized marketing agency, we advise business owners to start with the basics. If the foundation is not in place, there is nothing to build on. The foundation of any business in today’s world begins with the company’s website. A website doesn’t have to be fancy; it has to do the job. Most of all, it has to be mobile-friendly. Well over half of all searches are done via a mobile phone.

That is where taking the time to determine what purpose your website serves is paramount to creating a solid foundation for your marketing endeavors. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and look to create a web property that makes it simple for them to engage with your products and/or services.

Having clear call-to-actions and simple contact forms is an important aspect of a well-thought out website. Sure, there are some very intricate website designs out there that look impressive at first. But if they don’t flow well or tell your story, it’s like buying a beautiful pair of shoes that don’t fit your feet.

Internet users have become more sophisticated and expect more from a website – take the time to determine and meet their expectations and you’ll be on your way to growing your business. Fail to do so – then be ready to crash and burn.

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