featured snippets and Google update 2020

Latest Google Update & What You Have to Know About Featured Snippets

Feb 17,2020 Posted by to AdaptiveSEO

featured snippets and Google update 2020

As you know, regular Google updates are nothing short of unusual to see for a digital marketer. Last year, one of the biggest changes that affected website rankings across the board was definitely the https update and the SSL certificate requirement for all companies who were conducting business online. In 2020, Google is taking a closer look at Featured Snippets. 

What Are Featured Snippets? 

Featured Snippets are designed to provide a searcher with an answer that is relevant, concise and conveniently visible. Essentially, they provide every user with adequate solutions without having to click for specific results. If your website appears on top of Google searches, it’s called a position zero. Being in the center of searches is highly beneficial for getting organic traffic and thanks to featured snippets, in the past websites were able to appear on the first search page more than once. 

This year, Google is trying to declutter page one search results. In other words, URLs elevated to position zero with a featured snippet will no longer appear anywhere else on page one. This clean-up is known as deduplication. 

What does that mean for users? 

Quicker searches affecting in finding clean, relevant information. For marketers, this may not be the best news as it may limit the chances for higher organic traffic, click-through rates and more exposure.  

What can you do to alleviate the effect of these changes?  

Keep creating relevant, unique and interesting content! Focus on providing useful answers for all queries and don’t forget about voice search optimization! 


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