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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Sep 30,2015 Posted by to digital marketing

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Businesses across the globe are making a mobile optimized experience for smartphone users a top priority. So should your business.

With mobile usage surpassing desktop and 25% of all searches being done from mobile devices, not optimizing for mobile users is like handing over a quarter of your possible customers to your competitors that have embraced the mobile marketplace.

Making contact and taking action are important features to take into consideration when planning out a mobile website. Many smartphone users are making spur of the minute decisions, such as where to eat or purchase an item by searching for reviews, price comparisons and product specifications from their mobile device.

What exactly are smartphone users looking for in a mobile website?

  • Site Speed
  • Big mobile-friendly navigation buttons
  • Easy access to business contact information
  • ‘Click to Call’ button
  • Engaging Videos
  • Social Media links
  • Easy Access to Information
  • Easy to Use Search Bar
  • Limited scrolling & pinching
  • Option to visit non-mobile site
  • Ability to save information for later

It is important to have a clean and efficient design that fits a small screen and is easy to navigate. Google updated its algorithm this past April to give higher ranking to those businesses whose sites are mobile optimized for mobile searches.

Check to see how mobile friendly your site is using Google’s ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Test

If a site is not mobile-friendly, users get annoyed and that is bad for business and bad for your rankings in search engines. Over 70 percent of mobile users say that a well-designed mobile site is important to them and over 60 percent of them say they will leave a non-friendly one.

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