Check out this infographic on ‘Web Design State You Can’t Ignore in 2016’

If You’re a Digital Marketing Hater, You’ll Want to Read This

Mar 01,2016 Posted by to digital marketing

There is a group of souls out there that are huge ‘Haters’ when it comes to digital marketing and non-believers of the importance of making their brand visible on the internet. They think that things such as search engine optimization and social media marketing is a type of cyber voodoo.

These are the ones who slap up a website every decade or so and think that it is enough. Well I’m here to tell them that not only is it NOT enough, it actually might be more to their detriment to have an old outdated website than no website at all.

Web design, as all things digital, evolves quickly and even some of the websites that were popular a few years back are not keeping up with the warp speed of digital marketing.

Yes, there are a slew of unethical ‘self-claimed’ SEO specialists out there promising the moon when it comes to web design and optimization. According to them they ‘can fairly quickly promote your website to the top of search rankings’ for organic search on Google, Yahoo and MSN. I think every website owner receives at least one of these stock emails on a weekly basis.

These are the ones giving hard-working SEO specialists and web designers a bad name. This doesn’t mean that SEO and web design doesn’t matter. It matters more now than it did a few years ago. With google consistently updating their SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) algorithms, those businesses that stay on top of digital marketing trends will ultimately reap the benefits.

Want to know the secret to getting to the top of search rankings? I can tell you it is a combined cohesive digital marketing plan that begins with a well optimized and thought out website. Your website is the central hub for marketing your business on the internet.

Would you let your brick and mortar store fall apart, allowing it to look shabby and dated? Don’t store owners consistently re-evaluate how they present their merchandise and have ‘Call-to-Actions’ throughout the store?

Why on earth would anyone nowadays believe that a stagnate website designed in the last decade is appropriate, or better yet, good enough?

Check out this infographic on ‘Web Design State You Can’t Ignore in 2016’

Check out this infographic on ‘Web Design State You Can’t Ignore in 2016’

Above all else, a website should be built with your customer base in mind. Once you identify your ‘buyer persona’, a website should be designed to reach, engage and convert your audience.

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