How To Get Your Videos Ranked on YouTube

How To Successfully Rank Videos on YouTube

Jan 09,2018 Posted by to Blog

How To Successfully Rank Videos on YouTube

Every video content creator or marketer at some point dreams of one thing – to rank videos on YouTube. But did you know 60% of YouTube views come from Google searches? Since Google is the world’s largest search engine plus it owns YouTube, successfully getting your videos ranked on Google will ultimately get it ranked on YouTube as well. 

Ready to learn how to get there? Here are some tips of getting your videos ranked on YouTube. 


How To Successfully Rank Videos on YouTube


  1. Keyword relevancy – This may sound almost too obvious but your video has to be about what the viewers want to see. Use only one keyword per title – any more may dilute your chances of getting found and ranked by Google.   
  1. Authority –  It means you’re generating enough videos in a certain field for you to become a go to source of knowledge in that matter. How to establish yourself as authority? Try waking up early and making 5+ videos in your related field.  Then release one video each week one the same day and at the same time to generate traffic and followers.   
  1. Engagement – Google wants to see engagement with your video preferably within the first hour of publishing your content. This mean receiving likes, dislikes, comments and shares counts toward your engagement rates.  Don’t worry about a bad comment, they can sometimes increase your engagement more than a good comment! This is due to the amount of additional comments that tend to follow a bad comment, by other viewers either agreeing with them or defending your recently published content. Makes sense? 
  1. Uploading – The way you upload your video to YouTube is also important to your video getting ranked. You want your primary keyword, which is your video’s title, listed at the top of the description. Beneath it, include your website’s full URL, making it as easy as possible for viewers to get to your website. Then create a description, 200-400 words stating what your video is about. Following your description is a great place to add a call to action.  You then want to list your name, your company’s name, website, and social media links.  


If you are not investing in video as part of your digital marketing strategy, you are missing a great opportunity to engage your target audience, expand your brand and boost sales. 

If you would like help with ranking your videos on YouTube, get in touch! 

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