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How to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Sep 16,2015 Posted by to digital marketing

Stay on the Good Side of Email Marketing

Let’s face it, email marketing can be a tricky business. All industries want to be up front and center with their contact list, but often and irrelevant emails can take your email list down the road to disaster.

Every unsubscribe signals that there is something about an email that is annoying enough for the receiver to take the time to open the email and sentence it to sudden death!

By paying attention to how your email is being received and its effectiveness, your business can gain insight as to what type of content and subject lines are working to increase reader engagement and which ones are bombs.

A consistent and thorough analysis of your email strategy, coupled with creation of buyer personas in order to personalize the email content can make the difference of your email being shuffled off to the spam filter or finding its way into your subscriber’s inbox.

Check out this cheat sheet ‘How to Stay On The Good Side of Email Marketing‘ with some effective tactics to follow in order to improve your email marketing efforts without annoying your contact base.

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