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How Small Businesses Can Make Big Impressions With Content Marketing

May 24,2016 Posted by to Content Marketing

Small business owners who have been actively promoting their business are aware of how hard it is to compete with their larger counterparts. For one, their marketing budgets are minuscule compared to the advertising and branding resources that a larger company typically has at their disposal.

That shouldn’t deter them. Spending more money on advertising doesn’t necessarily make for winning more customers. A well-thought out and implemented Content Marketing Plan can level the playing field for small business owners.

Getting all employees on board for a cohesive battle plan can make a small business’ marketing efforts successful. A unified front on all aspects of a marketing campaign can help to better brand and make your business an authority in its industry.

A lot of companies are jumping in feet first to content marketing, adding tons of content to an already bloated information highway. We at Famous WSI Results advise against this method, as it can be a lot of hard work creating fresh content that nobody sees.

Instead, we suggest you take the time to identify your Ideal Customer and speak directly to the challenges that they face in order to give valuable and relevant answers and solutions to solve those challenges.

For example, if your business provides business travel services and you discover that many small businesses are under the impression that it is too expensive to use a corporate travel agency. You should publish content that speak to their fears of spending too much for travel by showing them how you can provide discounted prices, flight upgrades, free hotel breakfasts,  room upgrades. Show them the value of the travel tools that you have at your disposal.

While there is a wide variety of ways to add quality, relevant content, many business owners do not know where or how to begin content marketing. This complimentary eBook is full of useful ways to make your Content Marketing efforts a success.

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