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How Customer Satisfaction is a Small Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

Jun 24,2015 Posted by to Blog

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction should be front and center for every business. However, for a small business, it is paramount. Making customer service a top priority can make them more competitive against their larger counterpart. A company’s top asset is its customers. Happy and loyal customers not only support a business by continuing to do business with you, but by also referring you to friends and family.

Customer service and the quality of products or services are the two key factors to influencing repeat purchases according to a recent online survey taken by Manta. This makes it a ‘no brainer’ that the future of any business lies on keeping its’ customers happy.

As a business owner, thinking of ways to rise above the competition should revolve around giving customers something they can’t get elsewhere and promptly following up with them, even if they don’t buy. Often, remarketing to a customer who abandoned their shopping cart can impress them with how much their business means to you.

Asking for customer feedback on a consistent basis will give you the power to improve the customer’s experience. A simple online form or email poll is a great strategy for learning where you need to tweak your sales protocols and practices.

The beauty of a small business is that they have a greater chance of making their customer service more personal and targeted towards their interests and likes. Customers can be very sensitive to whether you are genuine and sincere. Using their names and finding ways to compliment them will help to develop a trusting and loyal following.

Once you have created a loyal customer base, don’t sit back and rest on your laurels. Identifying and anticipating customer needs is a good business strategy. Make an effort to get to know as much as possible about your customers and communicate regularly regarding any upcoming needs or special events. Fine-tune special deals geared towards their purchasing history.

Be sure to assure them that you are aware of and ready to fix any problems that they may encounter. An apology can go a long way when something goes wrong. Make it easy for them to complain and impress them with your willingness to listen and diffuse the situation.

Use social media as a platform to humanize your business and keep your customer aware of any new products, special sales or events. Do your best to engage with them and be prompt in responding to any comments (negative or positive) that they post regarding your business.

Encourage customers to write online reviews on social media and online directories by making an easy to follow instruction pamphlet. The search engines are starting to rank businesses higher that have a larger social footprint. Video testimonials is another valuable asset small businesses can use to illustrate how satisfied their customers are with their service and/or product.

And above all, say THANK YOU … saying thank you after every transaction is one of the easiest ways to build a loyal following. Showing that you appreciate their business makes them feel empowered and more likely to return!

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