dedicated landing page higher conversion

Here’s How a Dedicated Landing Page Can Get You More Leads

Feb 14,2019 Posted by to Blog

dedicated landing page higher conversion

Did you know creating a dedicated landing page for your advertising campaigns can lead to higher conversion rates? Website conversion centered on improving your current marketing materials and catering to your current clientele can really pay off.

If you’re here to find the answer on how to turn site visitors into paying customers, you came to the right place.  Here’s how to create a dedicated landing page for a successful campaign.


The Anatomy of a Landing Page That Converts

  • Cater to a specific goal and audience – Since each marketing campaign is different, your dedicated landing page should be too.
  • Have a single CTA – A clear call to action button can increase conversions by 62%! A well-designed landing page is much more likely to convert visitors into leads when there is one CTA (call-to-action) and less clutter.
  • Keep it simple – Confusion does not equal conversion. Potential customers will more likely leave the landing page before finalizing the deal if the page seems confusing or complicated.
  • Include video content – People are reading less and watching video more. By adding some short explainer videos to your landing pages, you stand to have a higher success rate.
  • Run A/B Testing – Measuring is an extremely important part of the process. Measure and test multiple landing pages for the same goal against each other – and then use the one that gets the best results!

Having the ability to focus visitor’s attention on the end goal and removing all distractions is every marketer’s dream. That’s why understanding the basic best landing page practices is so important!

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