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How To Use Video Content with Marketing Automation

How to Use Video Content with Marketing Automation

Using Video with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been around for years, and video has been around even longer. But using these two tools together is uncharted territory for many businesses. You probably have some questions.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know how important video is to your marketing strategy. By combining video and marketing automation, you’ll be able to take your video marketing to the next level by sending the right video, to the right lead, at the right time.


What comes first, the video or the automation?

How does each part assist the other? How do I set this up?

Marketing automation (also called lead nurturing) is one of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing. It’s an important channel to optimize to help you grow your business.

We discussed benefits of using a Marketing Automation software for your business in our latest blog post, which you can read here.


So how Using Video with Marketing Automation can benefit your business?

 Marketing Automation and Video Content

Video Content and Marketing Automation


Why You should use video with Marketing Automation

video content and Marketing Automation tips

Advertising Is Simple in Delaware Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation tips with Advertising Is Simple


Stay tuned for part 2 of Using Video with Marketing Automation. Next month, we are going to go more in depth with what are the best practices for successful video marketing and how you can nurture your leads with video content.


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5 marketing automation tips

5 Tips for Growing Leads With Marketing Automation

5 marketing automation tips

The ultimate goal for your online marketing is to generate more leads and convert them into paying customers. A good marketing automation solution can multiply your effectiveness to attract more website visits, and nurture your leads through their entire buying process.

Here are five ways to target, personalize and automate your marketing messages across multiple channels.

  1. Wise Up to What Customers Want

By digging deeper into your website analytics and social media feedback, you can identify what content works best. Once you know this, you can focus your messages to qualify and segment   prospects according to their preferences.

  1. Practice Powerful Email Marketing

Email is one of the best ways to drive engagement. Sending the right message to the right people at the right time will turn your emails from an impersonal broadcast into meaningful correspondence. Additionally, you can use automated emails to send tailored messages at timed intervals after a call to action is triggered.

  1. Improve Landing Page Personalization

You can continue your customer’s one-to-one experience by personalizing your landing pages. By presenting the most relevant offers or product selections aligned to their online behavior, you can successfully lead customers through their buying cycle.

  1. Be Ready to Further Relationships

Your marketing automation system can alert you to relevant events such as likes, comments, retweets or shares – enabling you to reach out and develop relationships on a more personal level.

  1. Consider Using Curated Content

Targeted content is key to the whole marketing automation process. To help, consider curating relevant content from other sources while making sure to put your own twist on it to enhance your message for your audience..

In conclusion, be consistent and patient as you begin your automated marketing campaigns – get it right, and you will enjoy a steady stream of followers, new leads and increased sales.

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Video Will Help Your Site Get More Search Links

Think Your Business Doesn’t Need Videos? You’re Wrong

Adding great quality content stuffed with keywords was at one time the way to rise in search results rankings. Well, those days are long gone and have been for some time.

As the internet becomes more inundated with content, videos and images are beginning to appear in Google search results. So it stands to reason the more images and video you have on your website the more search links you are creating.

Did you know that video appears for 55% of search queries?

Don’t take our word for it; Check out this ‘Manta Tip of the Day’ stating that “Video Will Help Your Site Get More Search Links

I believe it important to point out that simply adding images and videos is not the whole story. It is VERY important to optimize them with the right tags, titles, keywords and descriptions in order for them to be pulled up in the right search results.

And finally, Did you know that Youtube is the #2 Search Engine?

Check out this infographic by Mushroom Networks:

Created by Mushroom Networks

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