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10 Tips on Creating an Engaging Facebook Page for Your Delaware Business

Whether you’re at the threshold of setting up a Business Facebook page or just looking to make the most of an existing one, there are certain strategies that can help generate more leads and customers.

It’s important to create an engaging Facebook page that will make your business stand out. Posting a balance of content, such as photos, videos, memes, curated content, special deals, upcoming events and more is a great way to build your Facebook audience.

Be sure to post on a consistent basis and at various times of the day. Take note of what types of content get the most engagement and be sure to monitor comments and messages.

Facebook is now hashtag friendly, so  try using some of the more popular hashtags and integrate with your twitter account … #ThrowbackThursday #TGIF #YourCompanyName.

Here are our ’10 Tips on Creating an Engaging Facebook Page for Your Business’.

Please let us know what you think and share on our Facebook Page how you keep your audience engaged.

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Are You Using LinkedIn to Brand Your Business? You Should.

Are You Using LinkedIn to Brand Your Business? You Should.

Are You Using LinkedIn to Brand Your Business? You Should.

LinkedIn has become much more than a professional networking platform … it has become a great way for small business to grow. LinkedIn is a formable source for researching a company’s reputation, authority and services. Google gives high authority to a LinkedIn company pages and ranks them well for searches of the company’s name, brand or an employee’s name.

According to BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor, 28% of SMB (small to medium sized businesses) use LinkedIn as part of their social media marketing. The ability to target a very specific group, such as CEOs, CFOs or Human Resource Execs within of a specific industry, with text ads helps you to reach the right market.

It’s easy to get started on LinkedIn, create a company page that will highlight your brand, products and/or services. Be sure to have all employees create their own personal pages and link to the company page to increase your company’s visibility.

In addition to setting up a detailed company profile, companies can now list their products and services with links back to their websites and YouTube videos. Reviews are also possible for products and/or services. Reputation Management has become more important, as many consumers thoroughly research before they make a purchase.

According to LinkedIn, 50% of its members said that they’d be more likely to buy from a company that they engage with on the LinkedIn platform. A whopping 78% of social sellers outsell their competitors that don’t use social media. This should be a wakeup call for those of you out there whose businesses are not social.

Does your company use LinkedIn as a social selling opportunity? Share with us on our LinkedIn page some of the strategies that have worked for you.

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