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3 Steps to Creating a Successful Content Plan

3 Steps to Creating a Successful Content Plan 

3 Steps to Creating a Successful Content Plan

Content marketing is an essential part of any marketing efforts. Focused on producing and distributing relevant, useful information to potential customers, your content plan should be designed to let your brand shine. It’s also how you’re going to build credibility and authority in your industry. 

If you want to create uniquely targeted content, each piece of information that you share on your website, social media or in your email campaigns should align with your brand and be meant to attract, engage and entertain your potential customers. Here’s how to get your content plan together:


3 Steps to Creating a Successful Content Plan 


  1. Set Marketing Goals – To prioritize your content creation efforts, you need to know your marketing goals to begin with. The bottom line is, each piece of content you share should be relevant to your brand’s mission and offerings. 
  2. Map Available Content – It’s not all about creating new content each and every time you want to promote your business. Repurposing, updating and enhancing your old, existing content is just as good as sharing a new piece of information. One example of repurposing older content can be turning your old blog posts into video blogs. This way, you give new life to older content that can be later shared on your website and social media channels. 
  3. Identify the Buyer’s Journey – Always keep in mind that the content you share is meant to warm up potential customers to your brand and generate new leads. Taking new prospects from the awareness to decision stage should be your goal when creating content. 

The bottom line is, your content plan should align with your inbound marketing goals. Creating content without strategy and planning will only result in a wasted time and no measurable results.

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Need help with your content plan? Contact Famous WSI Results today! We help small to mid-sized business owners who are too busy running their businesses to focus on content creation. We also specialize in TV and radio advertising, and are particularly vested in Search Engine Optimization, website design, mobile website design, pay-per-click campaigns, and original content management in order to help our clientele claim their share of the marketplace.

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A COVID-19 Webinar Series You’ll Want to Attend

Here’s a COVID-19 Webinar Series You’ll Want to Attend

A COVID-19 Webinar Series You’ll Want to Attend

We think it’s fair to say that none of us imagined we’d be where we are today. Nor did we foresee the impact COVID-19 would have on businesses all around the world. 

We know your business has been affected in one way or the other, and we’d like to help you navigate through this crisis, so you are positioned to come out on the other side stronger. 

Over the next few weeks, WSI will be running a free webinar series to share digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices that you can use to overcome the marketing obstacles you are facing today. Based on some of the recent research we’ve seen, companies that embrace digital marketing will be in a much better position to engage and network with their customers through this crisis. 

Here are the details for this special WSI COVID-19 webinar series: 


Ahead of the Curve: Digital Marketing Tips, Tricks and Best Practices During COVID-19


Occurs every Wednesday from April 1 – May 6 | 11:30 AM – 12 PM EDT


Topics being covered: 

  • April 1 – Video Marketing: How Using Video Creates Revenue, Retention, and Relationships for Your Business
  • April 8 – Competitive Research: How to Analyze the Marketing Activities of Your Competitors to Get Ahead
  • April 15 – Database Management: Learning the Basics of Managing Your Customer Database to Grow Your Business
  • April 22 – Persona-Based Marketing: Understanding Your Target Audience in Challenging Times 
  • April 29 – Conversational Marketing: How to Reimagine Your Customer Conversations Using the Latest Technology
  • May 6 – Website Conversions: How to Convert More of Your Website Visitors into Leads



Even if you don’t think you can’t make all of the dates above, we encourage you to register for the series, so you get a copy of the webinar recordings to your inbox to watch later.   

As always, my team is here to support your business in any way that we can.

Stay safe, and remember, we are in this together.


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Here Are Our 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions

Here Are Our 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions

Here Are Our 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions

Can you believe it’s almost time to say goodbye to 2018? As we close in the fourth quarter, we can’t help but reflect on this part year. There was surely a lot going on in the digital marketing world! From Google Chrome security updates, Facebook and Instagram algorithm changes to rise of new smart technology, we can’t wait to see what 2019 digital marketing tactics are going to trend!

Speaking of the new year, do you have your new marketing strategy in place? If you still haven’t thought of new digital marketing trends that 2019 might bring, here are our predictions: 


2019 digital marketing trends to watch out for: 


  1.  Optimize Content for Voice Search – Now is the time to brainstorm new keyword strategies that will cater to all those customers who love using the latest smart technologies (Alexa, Siri) in their search queries.
  2. Diversify Your Content Strategy – In the past year, digital creators and marketers focused more on long-form content (+2,000 words) to rank higher in search. However, it’s been proven that blogs or articles don’t have to be long to be considered valuable. That’s why it’s good to focus on both short and long-form pieces in the new year, so you can cater to those with shorter attention spans as well.
  3. Consider Influencer Marketing – This form of marketing/ advertising will only continue to grow in the next year. Partnering with influencers and content creators to promote your products or build brand awareness is an excellent and effective way to organically reach more valuable customers.
  4. Produce More Video Content – Video is already getting a boost in search from all voice queries, so don’t neglect it in 2019. Producing video content is a great way to liven up your marketing strategy!
  5. Invest in Chatbots – According to Forbes, research “predicts that the chatbot industry will grow significantly as enterprises are enabled to substantially reduce operating costs”. Needless to say, consider investing in this kind of a 24/7 customer service representative to take your business to the next level in 2019.

 For more on the future of marketing, please read this WSI article. 


Can you see these digital marketing trends to grow in popularity in 2019? What are your predictions? We would love to hear your thoughts! 


Do you want to take 2019 by storm?  

Contact Famous WSI Results! Our mission is to increase our clientele’s brand awareness through the use of proven marketing techniques and unparalleled customer service in order to create a greater return on your investment.

We specialize in internet, television, and radio advertising, and are particularly vested in search engine optimization, website design, mobile website design, pay-per-click campaigns, and original content management in order to help our clientele claim their share of the marketplace.


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6 Teachable Networking Skills to Use at Your Next Business Event


Networking may not be your favorite thing to do, but it sure does prove great results when done right! Such opportunity to make new connections whether just on a personal or business level should be treated as privilege, not a chore.  

If networking makes you feel uncomfortable, here are 6 attainable ways to make your next business event a success. 


6 Teachable Networking Skills


  1. Don’t just hang out with the people you already know. Yes, making connections with strangers may be out of your comfort zone but nothing good will ever happen for your business if you stay in your own bubble. To ease into networking at the business event, find someone who’s standing alone and make them feel special by starting a conversation. Typically, high-traffic areas such the bar or food table are great for networking.
  2. You’re not there to do business. Networking is a social and business gathering but you’re not there to just sell your products or services. Make sure to establish a relationship first so you can hopefully gain long-term clients in the future.
  3. Focus on 2-3 quality interactions. Listen when you join a conversation, then show you were listening by asking follow up questions. Make it about them, because it shows you care about making a meaningful interaction.
  4. Give more than take. You’re not there to just collect the business cards, so make sure you get to know people and leave a good lasting impression about you and your business. Ask questions and how you can help the people you’re talking to rather than making it all about yourself.
  5. Make notes on business cards. If you’re having trouble remembering people, write down important facts or things they mentioned on the business card they gave you. It will help you remember next time you see each other or when having a phone follow up.
  6. Set up at least one quality follow up meeting. Do it within the first 48 hours of meeting before they completely forget about you. 


Whether you follow our networking tips or not, make sure you don’t go to your next business event without a plan. Your goal should be to make meaningful interactions and earn an opportunity to meet again. Will the people you give your business cards to become your potential clients? You won’t know unless you try! 


If you’re a business owner in Delaware or Philadelphia area who needs more business coaching and networking tips, join Joe White at the monthly Goldmine Network Lunch in Wilmington, DE. There is no charge to attend and plenty to learn!


At Famous WSI Results, we look to partner with our customers to help make their advertising dollars go a long way. By implementing a few reputation-protection measures and taking the time to consciously monitor your online reputation, we lessen the chances of having to spend countless dollars cleaning up your reputation.


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Here's why Your HTTP Website Losing Traffic

Here’s why Your HTTP Website Is Losing Traffic

Here's why Your HTTP Website Losing Traffic

In the past years, security in the digital space has become a prominent concern among online creators and consumers. More recently, we’ve seen new GDPR compliance requirements as well as many Google Chrome updates issuing security warnings to those who manage http websites collecting some sort of customer data. If you’re one of the web owners  who still haven’t upgraded to HTTPS, you may want to reconsider. Here’s why. 

According to Search Engine Journal, Google Chrome will show a prominent “Not Secure” message in the browser bar starting in October 2018. After October 2018 Chrome and likely all other Chrome based browsers will display enhanced security warnings that may create higher bounce rates for your site and concomitantly lower sales and conversions.


Benefits of Purchasing a SSL Certificate


These days, there’s nothing more important to your brand than being authentic and making your customers feel well taken care of. That is why security of their private information should be your top priority when managing your online business.  

When the SSL Certificate is implemented on your website, it establishes an online entity’s credentials for doing business on the Web. Such action promotes trust, protection, confidentiality and also, better ranking of your business in Google search. Win win! 


Ready to upgrade your HTTP Website?  


At Famous WSI Results, we are offering implementation on every page and handling redirects for $249 until July 31, 2018 (regular price: $299).*SSL Certificate fee not included – must be purchased by the client separately. 

Have more questions about the SSL Certificate and upgrading to HTTPS? Do not hesitate to ask! We are here to help you implement any necessary changes to your website. 


At Famous WSI Results, we look to partner with our customers to help make their advertising dollars go a long way. By implementing a few reputation-protection measures and taking the time to consciously monitor your online reputation, we lessen the chances of having to spend countless dollars cleaning up your reputation.


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Facebook API changes

Update on the Recent Facebook API changes

Facebook API changes

Social media never stays the way it is for too long. In fact, as soon as we get used to some apps, features and functionalities, API changes once again. For those of you who don’t know, API is an application program interface, which in other words means a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.  

Speaking of changes, just this past February we shared an article on the new Facebook algorithm and what we should expect from those updates. Today, we’d like to discuss yet another announcement made by Facebook on April 4, 2018. 

Interested to know what Facebook API changes have been announced recently and how they may affect your social media marketing? Please keep reading! 


 Recent Facebook API changes:


  1. Enhanced security and safety measures – At the base of the API changes lies the fact Facebook wants to limit third party applications access to your Facebook and Instagram account. To protect your personal information and content usage, a lot of those apps (e.g. Hootsuite, Buffer) need to adjust their functionalities to the new policy. 
  2. Third Party Apps cannot use the Instagram API Platform to crawl or store users’ media without their express consent. In other words, Instagram users own their media and that right needs to be respected. So far, a lot of affiliate platform functionalities that used like-based shopping (e.g. LikeToKnow.It) have been greatly affected by this update.  
  3. Facebook Login – if you don’t log in to your app in 90 days, the app will be blocked and you won’t be able to access your personal data until you re-authorize it. 


For more information on API changes, please check out this article on Facebook for Developers and Facebook Business. 



“Innovation demands iteration; it requires constant change. And, while change is never easy, we believe the immediate platform updates we are announcing today will build stronger connections for people, developers and businesses in the future, while maintaining their privacy and security on Facebook.” source 


Are you a social media marketer? What are your thoughts on these recent Facebook API changes?

Let us know in the comments how these updates affected your work. 


At Famous WSI Results, we look to partner with our customers to help make their advertising dollars go a long way. By implementing a few reputation-protection measures and taking the time to consciously monitor your online reputation, we lessen the chances of having to spend countless dollars cleaning up your reputation.

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Pinterest for Business Famous WSI Results

6 Tips for Using Pinterest For Business

Pinterest for Business Advertising Is Simple

If you’re an online creator, we hope you already recognize the big potential and opportunities that Pinterest for Business can bring to your brand. Using this platform as part of your social media strategy is a huge advantage! Why? Because besides the obvious – traffic and website clicks, Pinterest is also a great platform to upsell your products!  

Want to know how to get your products or services in front of the right eyes? Keep reading for 6 best practices on using Pinterest for business. 


6 Tips for Using Pinterest For Business 


  1. Set up a Business Account. This is where the magic happens! Once you convert your regular account to a business one, you will get the access to all the analytics you’ll need. 
  1. Include a call to action in your bio. Any time you get the opportunity to share an opt-in or a link to a special deal you’re currently running, take it!  
  1. Use Boards to target your audience. If you didn’t know that before, it’s time to cleanup your boards a bit. Your Pinterest page should resemble exactly what your business can do for the people that end up pinning your content. 
  1. Design shareable pins. It’s always worth taking a bit of time designing pins that are shareable! What does that mean? Good design elements (not too crowded), catchy titles and most importantly – a vertical shape – the longer the better. 
  1. Utilize appropriate keywords and hashtags. You should know that Pinterest is a search engine and should be treated as such. Take time looking up what phrases in your niche people search for to determine which ones will work best for your business. 
  1. Keep an eye on your analytics page. Once again, this is where you’ll find out what your dream audience looks like, what content they pin the most and what areas you should focus on! 

There you go! 6 easy yet oh so rewarding steps for taking your Pinterest for Business to the next level. If you need help managing your business account, don’t hesitate to contact Advertising Is Simple. 


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Is There a Future for SEO

Is There a Future for SEO?

Is There a Future for SEO

Just as the numerous conspiracy theories have resurfaced this election season, so too has the unfounded rumors that SEO is dead.

Seriously,  these SEO death rumors have been circulating since 1997. I’m happy to say that there are not many marketers buying into this myth.

Go ahead and Google, “Is SEO dead 2016” and you will find a plethora of articles debunking the idea that SEO is dead. In fact, most of them tout that  SEO is an ever evolving and necessary strategy to work in tandem with social media marketing and other digital advertising methods, such as content creation.

While there is a whopping 4% of marketers out there that believe SEO is dead, the numbers are much bigger for its chance of survival. Actually, if ever there were a marketing sign that a SEO mandate is called for, it is now!

What businesses need to realize is that an effective digital marketing strategy is a lot of various tools, of which the main ingredient is SEO, that need to be implemented in a cohesive manner to achieve marketing harmony. A good digital marketing company knows this and will offer Adaptive SEO packages that will perform much better in the whole, than that of hap-hazard strategies implemented in a piece meal fashion.

For the last month or so, we have advocated in starting with the basics. Getting your house in order (your website, your social media properties and directory listings) is a good place to start. But ending there is not going to help you create the #LeadGeneration that will help you to grow your online presence.

Check out this infographic on why we believe Adaptive SEO will play a big part in the digital marketing arena in the near future and for many marketing light years to come!

Is ther a Future fo SEO

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