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Pinterest for Business Famous WSI Results

6 Tips for Using Pinterest For Business

Pinterest for Business Advertising Is Simple

If you’re an online creator, we hope you already recognize the big potential and opportunities that Pinterest for Business can bring to your brand. Using this platform as part of your social media strategy is a huge advantage! Why? Because besides the obvious – traffic and website clicks, Pinterest is also a great platform to upsell your products!  

Want to know how to get your products or services in front of the right eyes? Keep reading for 6 best practices on using Pinterest for business. 


6 Tips for Using Pinterest For Business 


  1. Set up a Business Account. This is where the magic happens! Once you convert your regular account to a business one, you will get the access to all the analytics you’ll need. 
  1. Include a call to action in your bio. Any time you get the opportunity to share an opt-in or a link to a special deal you’re currently running, take it!  
  1. Use Boards to target your audience. If you didn’t know that before, it’s time to cleanup your boards a bit. Your Pinterest page should resemble exactly what your business can do for the people that end up pinning your content. 
  1. Design shareable pins. It’s always worth taking a bit of time designing pins that are shareable! What does that mean? Good design elements (not too crowded), catchy titles and most importantly – a vertical shape – the longer the better. 
  1. Utilize appropriate keywords and hashtags. You should know that Pinterest is a search engine and should be treated as such. Take time looking up what phrases in your niche people search for to determine which ones will work best for your business. 
  1. Keep an eye on your analytics page. Once again, this is where you’ll find out what your dream audience looks like, what content they pin the most and what areas you should focus on! 

There you go! 6 easy yet oh so rewarding steps for taking your Pinterest for Business to the next level. If you need help managing your business account, don’t hesitate to contact Advertising Is Simple. 


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10 Marketing Tips for Using Facebook Live

10 Marketing Tips for Using Facebook Live

10 Marketing Tips for Using Facebook Live

In light of all the Facebook algorithm changes that were recently announced, there’s one thing you can do now as a business to better market yourself on this social media platform. Get on Facebook Live. 

While we understand doing Facebook Live videos/ chats may be intimidating at first, we cannot stress enough how important it is to use this feature to your advantage. By doing so, not only will your business get ahead of the others, but you will also be able to connect with your audience/ customers in a way you’ve never done before. 

So where do you start? We’ve compiled the best 10 tips for using Facebook Live, so you can get on it as soon as possible! 

10 Marketing Tips for Using Facebook Live


  1. Make people aware of when you’re going live ahead of time.

    Teasers are proved to bring higher engagement, so make sure your audience knows exactly when you’re going to broadcast. Don’t forget to check your Facebook insights to determine what’s the best time to reach your people or better yet, do a poll and ask them directly!

  2. Promote, promote, promote.

    Don’t let people forget about the upcoming live session! Make sure you boost some posts or run a Facebook ad about the event. Don’t want to spend money on promotion? Change the Facebook cover on your business page for the one with all the FB Live details and cross promote on other channels/ website/ newsletter.

  3. Write a compelling description before going live.

    Let people know why you’re going live and what you’ll be covering ahead of time.

  4. Go live with a strong WIFI connection.

    There’s nothing worse than losing touch during a live session or breaking up and not getting your point across. ALWAYS make sure you have a great Internet connection before you’re going live.

  5. Ask your viewers to follow you to receive notifications when you go live. 

    Facebook Live tips

  6. Once you’re live, acknowledge your viewers frequently.

    Say hello to commenters by name and to respond to their comments.

  7. Be authentic.

    Going live is a great opportunity to see the face behind the brand, so make sure you live a great impression! The more comfortable you feel in front of the camera, the better your connection will be. That’s why it’s important to practice your talking points before the live session.

  8. Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more people.

    The longer you’re live, the more likely people are to discover and share your video with their friends on Facebook. Also, don’t get straight to the point once you’re live because your audience might be tuning in late. The minimum time you should be live is 10 minutes, but you can go up to 4 hours at a time.

  9. Be creative and go live often.

    That’s the best way to keep your audience engaged.

  10. Optimize Your Live Recording.

    You’re worried not enough people tuned in to your live stream? Facebook Live videos are immediately archived, so you’ll most likely get more views later on. To keep the interest, add a comment after the live event thanking everyone for watching. Make sure you encourage further comments and follow -up questions to get more news feed activity and engagement. Ask your audience to share the archived copy of the video that will be in the timeline.  


The bottom line is, using Facebook Live should be fun for both you and your audience! It’s really the best way to show your audience behind the scenes and to give them a chance to connect with your business on a more personal level. There’s really nothing better you can do to better market your business in this space! 

Have you ever used Facebook live before? Tell us about your experience! 


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What To Expect from New Facebook Algorithm

It’s a fact. Whether we like it or not, social media is in constant flux. More often than not, those changes affect the way marketers go about their digital marketing strategies. In other words, if you want to be successful in this business, you must stay on top of the ever-changing industry trends.

Speaking of changes, if you’re one of the over 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users, you probably already heard of the big announcement Mark Zuckerberg made last month regarding new Facebook Algorithm. If somehow you missed it, below is the full copy of the statement responding to the major News Feed update. 

New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook Algorithm changes


The question you’re probably asking now is how does the Facebook Algorithm actually work? Here’s the best way to explain it:


Screenshot from the Social Media Marketing World keynote session. Watch the full presentation here.

Well, if you remember the times when everything you posted on the platform was shown to your audience chronologically, we hope you know that’s a thing of the past. These days, Facebook News Feed is NOT based on time anymore. Instead, it’s all about the CONTENT you share. But not just any content… 

Part of the new Facebook Algorithm strategy is to spark meaningful conversations among people, aka your audience/ page followers. In order to do so, Facebook now wants you to only post content that’s relevant and valuable. What it essentially means is that businesses need to rethink their digital marketing strategies and don’t solely focus on promoting a product or service they want to sell. What they should do is forget the numbers and shift their focus onto meaningful community involvement instead. 

If you’re just trying to get a grasp of all the new Facebook Algorithm changes, we recommend watching this great Social Media Marketing World keynote session. During his presentation, Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast (also worth checking out), reveals in further detail how marketers should respond to the latest Facebook news and shares the hottest trends in social media based on brand new research from over 5,700 marketers.





Some important takeaways from the Social Media Marketing World keynote session: 


  1. Post a mix of good content – don’t link just to your own website. 
  2. Post content that’s relevant and sparks meaningful conversations. 
  3. Educate, entertain and inspire but don’t spam. Less is more. 
  4. Shift focus on Community Development not numbers. 
  5. Invest in Paid Advertising. 
  6. Utilize “See First” feature. 
  7. Use Live Video consistently. 


If you’re a business or a digital marketer who uses Facebook as part of your marketing strategy, we would love to hear your thoughts on this Facebook algorithm news! 


Famous WSI Results and partner Advertising Is Simple are a full-service marketing agency located in Wilmington, Delaware, helping small to mid-sized businesses with all their digital marketing, radio and television advertising needs. Get in touch.


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What You Should Know About SEO if You Want Your Business to Thrive Online

What You Should Know About SEO if You Want Your Business to Thrive Online

What You Should Know About SEO if You Want Your Business to Thrive Online

If you own a business and know the importance of digital marketing, you probably already heard of SEO. It is a common expectation these days that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if implemented right, will undoubtedly drive sales to your business.

Well, as digital marketers dealing with SEO tactics in daily basis, we’re here to tell you why that’s not always the case. Since SEO is one of the single most misunderstood elements of a maintaining a good website, in today’s post, we’d like to share a few fantastic industry insights from Sam Von Tobel, the author of 3 Common, Yet Unrealistic SEO Expectations article written for


What You Should Know About SEO if You Want Your Business to Thrive Online


1. You will find much more success targeting less frequently used, niche keywords.

“Finding your way to the top of page one is a lofty goal that takes lots of time and effort. You give yourself a much better chance of rising through the ranks if you commit to generating relevant and high-quality content and have the patience to let your website grow.” Read more here.

2. If increasing sales is truly your goal, your focus shouldn’t be on SEO.

“With the misconception of SEO creating visibility also comes the assumption that visibility equals sales. More people are coming to your website, so that means they are going to buy from you, right?Wrong. Your landing pages not only need to be attractive, the content needs to be fresh and engaging and needs to drive action, whether it’s tempting them with more information with a click of a button, a free demo or providing them with something of value like a whitepaper or download. Read more here.

3. SEO is never “done.”

“SEO algorithms are pretty intricate and sometimes hard to get a grasp on. One thing that is certain, however, is that search engines definitely give preference to new, high-quality content. Constantly adding to your website, adding more content with the keyword or keywords you prioritize is the most consistent way to keep you ahead of the SEO game. That’s just one of the many reasons we emphasize the importance of blogging.” For more tips, go here.

As you can see, implementing SEO can be wonderful for your business – IF you have the right expectations. As a marketing agency in Delaware, we consistently stay up-to-date on the most effective methods of SEO, that’s why we call it Adaptive SEO. What works today, may not work a few months down the road. We monitor your advertising results through A/B testing and in depth analytics to get you the highest rate of return on your advertising dollars.

Need help with SEO? Contact us today!


Famous WSI Results and partner Advertising Is Simple are a full-service marketing agency located in Wilmington, Delaware, helping small to mid-sized businesses with all their digital marketing, radio and television advertising needs. Get in touch.


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How To Get Your Videos Ranked on YouTube

How To Successfully Rank Videos on YouTube

How To Successfully Rank Videos on YouTube

Every video content creator or marketer at some point dreams of one thing – to rank videos on YouTube. But did you know 60% of YouTube views come from Google searches? Since Google is the world’s largest search engine plus it owns YouTube, successfully getting your videos ranked on Google will ultimately get it ranked on YouTube as well. 

Ready to learn how to get there? Here are some tips of getting your videos ranked on YouTube. 


How To Successfully Rank Videos on YouTube


  1. Keyword relevancy – This may sound almost too obvious but your video has to be about what the viewers want to see. Use only one keyword per title – any more may dilute your chances of getting found and ranked by Google.   
  1. Authority –  It means you’re generating enough videos in a certain field for you to become a go to source of knowledge in that matter. How to establish yourself as authority? Try waking up early and making 5+ videos in your related field.  Then release one video each week one the same day and at the same time to generate traffic and followers.   
  1. Engagement – Google wants to see engagement with your video preferably within the first hour of publishing your content. This mean receiving likes, dislikes, comments and shares counts toward your engagement rates.  Don’t worry about a bad comment, they can sometimes increase your engagement more than a good comment! This is due to the amount of additional comments that tend to follow a bad comment, by other viewers either agreeing with them or defending your recently published content. Makes sense? 
  1. Uploading – The way you upload your video to YouTube is also important to your video getting ranked. You want your primary keyword, which is your video’s title, listed at the top of the description. Beneath it, include your website’s full URL, making it as easy as possible for viewers to get to your website. Then create a description, 200-400 words stating what your video is about. Following your description is a great place to add a call to action.  You then want to list your name, your company’s name, website, and social media links.  


If you are not investing in video as part of your digital marketing strategy, you are missing a great opportunity to engage your target audience, expand your brand and boost sales. 

If you would like help with ranking your videos on YouTube, get in touch! 

Famous WSI Results and partner Advertising Is Simple are a full-service marketing agency located in Wilmington, Delaware, helping small to mid-sized businesses with all their digital marketing, radio and television advertising needs. Get in touch.


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Digital marketing for DE Business

10 Tips to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign for Your Delaware Business

Digital marketing for DE Business

In the business world, there are many different subfields discussed about the promotion and advertising of your given business. One of the most important concepts to gain revenue and overall sales on your business is how you integrate marketing strategies daily. Without a plan to market and sell your business to customers, you will not be able to have both personal success and financial success for your business. To give you a little help, we have come up with some tips that we find to be helpful for your business to have a successful marketing campaign.

Here are 10 Tips to help you run an Inbound Marketing Campaign for your Delaware Business:

Identify your Campaign Audience

Identify your Campaign Audience:  The first question you must ask yourself for your campaign is “Who is my Audience I am trying to reach to?” and “What are the demographics?”

Set your Goals and Benchmarks

Set your Goals and Benchmarks:  Like every good business plan, you need to set achievable and measurable goals to help you gain the best results from your market.

Create your offers and landing pages

Create your offers and landing pages: Optimizing is key! Optimize for SEO purposes to get the best reach and frequency of customers for your Delaware business.

Plan and Build Marketing Automation and Nurturing Flows

Plan and Build your Marketing Automation and Nurturing Flows: Plan your automation in such a way to develop the most amount of leads. The more effort you put in on your end, will hopefully give you results on the markets end.

Write a Blog Post

Write a Blog Post: Write a post about your company! Go show it off to the world! Promote Promote Promote!

Share is on Social Media

Share it on Social Media: Drive your business traffic with other channels other than the internet. This will give you more overall reach will in turn give you more possible sales!

Add in Long Tail Keywords

Add in Long-Tail Keywords: Make your company SEO friendly even after you stop running a campaign to promote it. KEYWORDS KEYWORDS KEYWORDS!

Consider Paid Search and Other Channels

Consider Paid Search and Other Channels: Measure the effectiveness and reach of other channels you decide to use to get the best overall results. Sometimes possible sales are worth the extra money.

Track your URLs

Track your URLs: Make sure you know the answer to the question of, “Where is my traffic coming from, and how my visitors are finding me?” This answer will help you to emphasize your campaign on certain websites to maximize your reach.

Report on your results

Report on your results: Set goals at the beginning and celebrate your success at the end. Organize and evaluate your numbers at the end to see what you could do differently for your next campaign.

All of these are pretty good tips for any Delaware business that you are trying to promote whether an old or new. The marketing world is so diverse, and to be successful, you as business need to be able to integrate yourself to the changing market effectively. The market changes every day, and you must be aware of the local trends in order to keep your business up and running smoothly.

If you would like help with marketing automation and campaign growth for your business, get in touch. We are expert marketing consultants in Delaware. | 302-407-0430 |

Increase Leads and sales

Increase Leads and Sales With Digital Advertising

The sensory overload that is the internet can make it difficult to get the attention of your target audience. While laying the foundation for an internet presence by posting relevant and valuable content, graphics and video to web properties and on social media is an important part of digital marketing; these strategies don’t often generate speedy results.

Creating strategic digital advertising campaigns can help speed up your advertising efforts by creating new leads and sales for your business.

Curious about what digital advertising strategies to use?

Check out our latest video on Lead Generation and Making Your Advertising Dollars Work Harder for Your Delaware Business:

Step 1: Identify the Right Search Criteria

With access to an unprecedented amount of data on consumers and their personas, marketers have gained great insight on how to better target customers.  Details like location, age, interests and Internet activity provide valuable data to help create effective and less intrusive ads.

Step 2: Advertise On the Appropriate Ad Networks

The best platform is different for every industry and business. Advertising on the mediums where you get better engagement makes good business sense. To do this you need to know your audience and find out where they spend their time.

Step 3: Put Campaign Tracking in Place

Campaign tracking allows you to eliminate certain keywords, times or target groups aren’t working before wasting money.

Step 4: Carry Out Split Tests

Split testing similar keywords, images and text is a effective strategy in maximizing the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns.

Step 5: Measure, Improve, Repeat

Try a number of different formats of digital advertising to determine which strategies work best for your business.

If you would like more information on digital advertising or professional help implementing digital ad campaigns…

Get in Touch Now!

If you would like help with your digital advertising campaign, get in touch. We are expert marketing consultants in Delaware. | 302-407-0430 |

Social Media Stats for Your Savvy Businesses

Social Media Stats for Your Savvy Businesses

Businesses around the globe are facing the challenge of balancing their marketing plans to include a social presence. Marketing a business is not easy to begin with, but a business has to become social and we have the statistics to back us up.

Making your business social can increase sales when you do it right. Finding the right social medium platform to effectively engage with your ideal customer means evaluating your Buyer Personas  and adapting your social media plan accordingly.

This will vary by type of industry and audience– preaching to the wrong crowd will waste time and money. Facebook is not the only platform you need to focus on. If you are trying to hit a younger market, consider sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

A healthy social media reputation requires frequent posts, comments and replies to other’s comments. Respond promptly and professionally to comments and requests that show up on social media sites.  The whole point of social media is to engage with your audience and talk about what is important to them.

Look at our ‘Stats For Social Media Savvy Businesses’ infographic.


Look at our ‘Stats For Social Media Savvy Businesses’ infographic.

Are you surprised to hear that social media is now the second most effective digital marketing tactic for customer retention?

If you would like help with your social media marketing, get in touch: | 302-407-0430 |