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Here's why Your HTTP Website Losing Traffic

Here’s why Your HTTP Website Is Losing Traffic

Here's why Your HTTP Website Losing Traffic

In the past years, security in the digital space has become a prominent concern among online creators and consumers. More recently, we’ve seen new GDPR compliance requirements as well as many Google Chrome updates issuing security warnings to those who manage http websites collecting some sort of customer data. If you’re one of the web owners  who still haven’t upgraded to HTTPS, you may want to reconsider. Here’s why. 

According to Search Engine Journal, Google Chrome will show a prominent “Not Secure” message in the browser bar starting in October 2018. After October 2018 Chrome and likely all other Chrome based browsers will display enhanced security warnings that may create higher bounce rates for your site and concomitantly lower sales and conversions.


Benefits of Purchasing a SSL Certificate


These days, there’s nothing more important to your brand than being authentic and making your customers feel well taken care of. That is why security of their private information should be your top priority when managing your online business.  

When the SSL Certificate is implemented on your website, it establishes an online entity’s credentials for doing business on the Web. Such action promotes trust, protection, confidentiality and also, better ranking of your business in Google search. Win win! 


Ready to upgrade your HTTP Website?  


At Famous WSI Results, we are offering implementation on every page and handling redirects for $249 until July 31, 2018 (regular price: $299).*SSL Certificate fee not included – must be purchased by the client separately. 

Have more questions about the SSL Certificate and upgrading to HTTPS? Do not hesitate to ask! We are here to help you implement any necessary changes to your website. 


At Famous WSI Results, we look to partner with our customers to help make their advertising dollars go a long way. By implementing a few reputation-protection measures and taking the time to consciously monitor your online reputation, we lessen the chances of having to spend countless dollars cleaning up your reputation.


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How to Achieve Excellence in eCommerce and Expand Your Marketing Reach’

Grow Your Business By Selling Online

As the age of the internet progresses, we have all changed the way we shop over the last decade. Amazon’s steady rise as the eCommerce giant has highlighted that consumers are increasingly looking for the convenience of online shopping.

Why would we drive 30 minutes to a shopping mall to purchase an item that we don’t immediately need when with the simple click of a button, we can have that same item delivered at the same price or possibly even lower to our door within 2-3 days? That is why eCommerce is growing at 7 times the rate of brick-and-mortar stores.

Now is the time for traditional retail stores to combine the best of both worlds and step up their marketing efforts by selling online. Putting the right eCommerce platform in place by understanding your customer needs is imperative to creating a successful online business.

While the online competition is big, a small retail business has just as much chance at success online if it does its homework and puts into effect an optimized eCommerce site focused on conversions and offering an outstanding customer experience.

Watch our video on ‘How to Achieve Excellence in eCommerce and Expand Your Marketing Reach’

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