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Level up your landing pages

Level Up Your Landing Pages Using These Strategies

Landing pages have been marginalized by over half of digital advertisers who run display advertising and pay per click campaigns on the fly.  48% of advertisers create a dedicated landing page for each campaign.

Why do you think this is?

That is because landing pages can  have unbelievable conversion rates — turning site visitors into paying customers. However, sending customers who click on ads to a devoted, standalone landing pages is not the mainstream, yet.

Landing pages are becoming more prevalent as advertisers and business are becoming more digital advertising savvy.  No worries. There is still an opportunity for you to gain an edge over your not so savvy competitors.

Effective landing pages can improve your conversion rate without increasing the number of visitors to your site. Now that is savvy!

To give you a better idea of how big of a difference a landing page can make in your digital marketing campaign, we found some stats that will amplify …

Why You Need To Level Up Your Landing Pages:

Landing Page Optimization Stats Infographic

To summarize this infographic, Landing Page Optimization means you need to do all of the following in order to maximize your conversion rates:

  • Have a dedicated landing page catering to a specific goal and audience for each campaign
  • Have a single CTA (call to action)
  • Use video to increase conversions (86%)
  • Run A/B Testing
  • Keep Contact Forms simple

Furthermore, companies that have increased their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 have seen a 55% increase in leads. (Source) This totally makes sense — the more pages, the higher conversion opportunities you will have.

On a final note,  A/B Testing allowed the Obama campaign to raise an additional $60 million in funding — imagine if that was revenue for your business? Not a bad ROI!

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Digital Advertising Truth-isms for Your Delaware Business

Digital Advertising Truth-isms for Your Delaware Business

Traditional industries and businesses that have been around for decades have had a tough time embracing digital advertising, as it is easier to stick with what they know. Sure, there is still plenty of traditional forms of advertising that work. Yet, if that is the only form of advertising your business is doing, you are not maximizing your bottom line.

Businesses that integrate digital advertising and social media marketing into the marketing plan are becoming the biggest winners.

Digital advertising – especially native ads and social ads – are not only cost effective forms of advertising – they can generate better leads and out-perform tradition advertising methods.

Is Your Delaware Business Ready to Take a Leap of Faith?

For those willing to keep an open-mind and explore how digital advertising  can help grow your company’s bottom line, we created an infographic to help you decipher

Digital Advertising Truth-isms for Your Delaware Business:

Digital Advertising Truth-isms for Your Delaware Business

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visual guide to linkedin

How to Nail Your LinkedIn Company Page

Having the right connections and building relationships with those connections is how a business grows. Networking in real life and online is a great way to generate leads.  While many view LinkedIn as a job search tool, it has become so much more. It has evolved into a professional social networking site that is a terrific business-to-business marketing tool.

LinkedIn is a major lead generation platform for both prospective customers and employees.   It can give you the ability to connect to your ideal customer in order to expand your business’ reach. If you take the time to do it right, you could be effectively adding to your online presence through great SEO practices and engaging content that will get your audience to take notice and make you an authority in your industry.

Every like, comment, and share increases your reach. Building online credibility is tantamount to better manage your Company’s reputation, which is a precious commodity.

Many businesses start up a LinkedIn Company page because they heard that’s what they should do. They hastily design it and begin posting content without laying out their marketing objectives.

That is a mistake.

Our advice is to set up clear goals and ways to measure results. Lay out a marketing plan for 6 to 12 months. There are a variety of tools within LinkedIn that businesses can use to fine-tune campaigns for their specific  objectives.

For example, let’s say you want to use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool. Creating a career page to strengthen your employer branding can save as much as 50% per hire. If you want to segment your messages to hit the right audience, creating showcase pages can be very effective.

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How to Gain a Content Marketing Advantage

Lately, we have been preaching the importance of creating valuable and creative content. Whether you’re posting blogs, uploading videos, or curating content, your content marketing efforts play an integral role in the building your company’s online reputation.

So take note; brands need to be active in the digital space to succeed. The issue can be that there is an increasing amount of content out there already. It has become harder to find content that is valuable and relevant.

No worries, we are here to help!  Check out our infographic that shares some useful stats and trends to aid you in How to Gain a Content Marketing Advantage:



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5 Key Components to Effective Content Marketing

5 Ways to Up Your Content Marketing Success!

5 Steps to Successfully Market Your Content

Fresh and engaging content creation should be every business’ goals in order to stay relevant in search results. While  posting new content on a consistent basis may be an intimidating prospect for any business owner, the results can be rewarding. Taking the time to create a marketing plan and content publishing calendar is a good place to start.

Search engines are looking for businesses to become an authority in their industry. Those that provide new relevant content to serve up to searchers will be the ones that find themselves consistently higher up on the front page for their selected keywords.

While the top Google listing still gets about 1/3 of all clicks, the organic results earning the 2nd, 3rd, and 4thspot now receive the other 63% of the clicks, leaving only 4% of clicks for anything lower. [Via Business 2 Community]

Check out our video with 5 key components to up your content marketing efforts.  Make your business a success through fresh, engaging content. If you’d like some help creating buyer’s personas download our complimentary eBook now!

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‘Expert’s Guide to Flushing Your Website Budget Down the Toilet’

New to Internet Marketing? Start With the Basics

Marketing a small business online can be daunting when you barely have time to run your business. There is a cacophony of advice out there — wading through it all to get to the core of what can make your business more visible on the internet can be frustrating, leaving you in a state of inaction.

As a small to mid-sized marketing agency, we advise business owners to start with the basics. If the foundation is not in place, there is nothing to build on. The foundation of any business in today’s world begins with the company’s website. A website doesn’t have to be fancy; it has to do the job. Most of all, it has to be mobile-friendly. Well over half of all searches are done via a mobile phone.

That is where taking the time to determine what purpose your website serves is paramount to creating a solid foundation for your marketing endeavors. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and look to create a web property that makes it simple for them to engage with your products and/or services.

Having clear call-to-actions and simple contact forms is an important aspect of a well-thought out website. Sure, there are some very intricate website designs out there that look impressive at first. But if they don’t flow well or tell your story, it’s like buying a beautiful pair of shoes that don’t fit your feet.

Internet users have become more sophisticated and expect more from a website – take the time to determine and meet their expectations and you’ll be on your way to growing your business. Fail to do so – then be ready to crash and burn.

Check out this ‘Expert’s Guide to Flushing Your Website Budget Down the Toilet’ before it’s too late!

You can also download this Cheat Sheet in PDF format by clicking this button:

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Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015

There’s Big Changes in This Year’s Holiday Shopping Trends

The Holidays are literally right around the corner. You’ve had your marketing plan in place well before Halloween, right? It’s scary to think that people are doing their shopping earlier every year.

According to Think with Google’s ‘5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015’ infographic, 48% of holiday shopper did their shopping on or before Cyber Monday last year. Over a quarter of them said that they had done some shopping before Halloween.  Believe it or not, 40% of shopping occurred online last season.

What does this tell you?

It is pretty safe to say that you need to be ready early.  Evidently, many brands lost sales last year because they waited to launch their holiday campaigns on the more traditional shopping days, such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

It also shows that digital matters, so even if you are a brick and mortar store, having a real internet presence is important. Businesses need to be approachable online more than ever. That means monitoring and utilizing the social channels where your customers hang out to the fullest capabilities. The flow between your social channels, your website’s landing pages and your marketing plan need to be seamless.

Check out this infographic by The Shelf that shows how online research and shopping is expected to dominate this year’s holiday shopping trends and how unbiased bloggers giving holiday gift giving advice are expected to be a big influence.

While many businesses want to say there is no way measure the ROI, it’s beginning to look like the price of ignoring Social Media Marketing is too high. The top social network that influences holiday buying is Pinterest.

Courtesy of: The Shelf
Hopefully, you’ve got all your marketing plans in place to capitalize on this holiday season. Share with us on facebook what holiday marketing strategies works for your business.