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5 Tips for Delivering an Exceptional eCommerce Experience - eBook

The Time is Ripe to Start Selling Online Now – Find Out Why

5 Tips for Delivering an Exceptional eCommerce Experience - eBook

While eCommerce retail has been around for the last decade or so, it really is not something businesses can afford to ignore in 2016. Your business should be offering the products or services that customers want online in order to make for a more streamlined experience and to grow sales. So what goes into a successful eCommerce store?

This free, 22-page guide is a great resource for helping businesses deliver an eCommerce experience they can be proud of.

Download this free, 22-page guide full of tips for delivering an exceptional eCommerce experience. You will learn:

  • Why the experience you deliver to your customers is the most important part of your eCommerce shop
  • How important it is to have brand transparency
  • Tips for significantly decreasing your abandoned shopping cart rate
  • Best practices for creating a mobile eCommerce experience
Grab your free copy of our eCommerce how-to-guide below and start crafting a customer experience that wins you new customers and repeat business. Good luck!

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How to Achieve Excellence in eCommerce and Expand Your Marketing Reach’

Grow Your Business By Selling Online

As the age of the internet progresses, we have all changed the way we shop over the last decade. Amazon’s steady rise as the eCommerce giant has highlighted that consumers are increasingly looking for the convenience of online shopping.

Why would we drive 30 minutes to a shopping mall to purchase an item that we don’t immediately need when with the simple click of a button, we can have that same item delivered at the same price or possibly even lower to our door within 2-3 days? That is why eCommerce is growing at 7 times the rate of brick-and-mortar stores.

Now is the time for traditional retail stores to combine the best of both worlds and step up their marketing efforts by selling online. Putting the right eCommerce platform in place by understanding your customer needs is imperative to creating a successful online business.

While the online competition is big, a small retail business has just as much chance at success online if it does its homework and puts into effect an optimized eCommerce site focused on conversions and offering an outstanding customer experience.

Watch our video on ‘How to Achieve Excellence in eCommerce and Expand Your Marketing Reach’

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How eCommerce is Changing the Shopping Game

The Ugly Truth About eCommerce

How eCommerce is Changing the Shopping Game

E-Commerce Finished Strong in 2015 and it’s no secret that today’s consumers are changing the way they shop. Brick-and-mortar stores need to take notice and merge the best of both worlds. While there is no substitute for being able to hold a product in your hand, the chaos of modern day has sent many a consumer online to purchase items with the click of a button.

With 2-3 day delivery and the ease of price comparisons online, there is little incentive for consumers to drive 20 to 30 minutes to a store to purchase an item they don’t immediately need.  Time is a precious commodity and shopping online has become one of the simplest ways to get some of that time back.

That there are plenty of reasons to sell online is not in question. However, many a small retail store owner is limited by time and possibly intimidated by the whole online store of possibilities. That should not stop them. Selling online is quickly becoming imperative in order to remain competitive and meet customer’s expectations. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and keeping your piece of the retail pie means you’ll have to adjust according to where consumers are — online.

The statistics don’t lie. US eCommerce grew by 14.6% in 2015, making this the sixth year in a row that sales have grown close to or above 15%. Amazon grabbed up 24 cents for every dollar of that growth last year and is responsible for over half of each dollar of eCommerce growth.

Don’t let this figure dishearten you. Check out our infographic on ‘How eCommerce is Changing the Shopping Game’ to see how your brick-and-mortar store can easily carve out its share of online marketing. With well over half of American’s shopping online and well under a third of small businesses actively selling online, embracing eCommerce now, before it’s too late, should be at the forefront of your marketing plan for 2016.

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How eCommerce is Changing the Shopping Game

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How eCommerce is Changing the Shopping Game infographic

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