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Mobile-Friendly Websites

5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

When done right, mobile marketing can increase your sales, whether on a localized or global level. Many business owners are waking up to the realization that if they are not mobile-friendly, they are losing business.

Last April, Google updated its algorithm to give higher ranking to those businesses whose site are mobile optimized when mobile users perform a search on their cellphones. Mobile usage overtook desktop in 2014 and 25% of overall searches are mobile.

Ninety percent of smartphone shoppers use their phones for comparing prices and eighty-four percent use their devices while shopping in a store. That is why it is important for businesses to think of new ways to engage with mobile users.

Here are 5 Mobil Marketing Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Not Optimizing Website for Mobile Users – Design an attractive user-friendly mobile site with original or adapted content and an interface that is simple and loads quickly. Or at the very least, create a responsive website that is optimized for any sized screen. Make sure links are easily ‘clickable’.
  2. Not Using Mobile Video – With video now accounting for 55% of mobile data usage and the rise of networks such as Vine, Instagram (video) and Snapchat, video is more critical than ever in capturing your customers’ attention.
  3. Failing to make the interaction worth the user’s time - Reward your users with special offers such as coupons, videos, convenience, recipes, contests, free downloads, etc…
  4. Not Using Paid Social – Smartphone users are spending a lot of time on social media and while organic social media has started to lessen in effectiveness for businesses, paid social has grown more powerful. Using paid social to target mobile users, particularly the younger demographics can pay off big time!
  5. Not Advertising on MobileeMarketer predicts that mobile ad spend will top $100 billion globally by 2016. Many consumers are accessing the internet solely through mobile, that’s a good indication for business to tap into mobile and in-app advertising.

Mobile marketing is not a passing trend and adjusting your marketing strategy to accommodate the rapidly growing mobile users is smart marketing.

According to eMarketer:

In 2016, US advertisers will spend $40.24 billion to reach consumers on tablets and mobile phones, more than doubling the total from 2014, while those in China will invest $22.14 billion—nearly triple the amount they spent in 2014. Both of these countries will see mobile become a majority of digital ad spending next year.

Want to know more?

Keep in mind that every business has different needs, so developing an effective mobile marketing plan that will help to hit your industry’s target market is advisable.

At Famous WSI Results, we can get you up and running with a well-thought out mobile marketing strategy that will work for your business. We can help to measure and adjust your mobile marketing plan so that you stay current and relevant for all the new mobile trends. Get in touch.

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email marketing cheat sheet

How to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Stay on the Good Side of Email Marketing

Let’s face it, email marketing can be a tricky business. All industries want to be up front and center with their contact list, but often and irrelevant emails can take your email list down the road to disaster.

Every unsubscribe signals that there is something about an email that is annoying enough for the receiver to take the time to open the email and sentence it to sudden death!

By paying attention to how your email is being received and its effectiveness, your business can gain insight as to what type of content and subject lines are working to increase reader engagement and which ones are bombs.

A consistent and thorough analysis of your email strategy, coupled with creation of buyer personas in order to personalize the email content can make the difference of your email being shuffled off to the spam filter or finding its way into your subscriber’s inbox.

Check out this cheat sheet ‘How to Stay On The Good Side of Email Marketing‘ with some effective tactics to follow in order to improve your email marketing efforts without annoying your contact base.

You can also download this Cheat Sheet in PDF format by clicking this button:

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inbound marketing infographic

Inbound Marketing Gives a Higher ROI Than Outbound Marketing

There is a place for both inbound and outbound marketing for any business. Both methods work, but  inbound marketing can be more cost effective, as it has a higher ROI.

This infographic ‘That Extraordinary, ROI-Driving Engine We Call Inbound Marketing’ reveals that the average cost per lead is much lower for inbound marketing versus outbound marketing. In fact, it’s 61% less expensive. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Inbound Marketing is a natural fit for digital marketing. Think about it. By creating your own little cyber territory and attracting people who are genuinely interested in what you share through a variety of online marketing tools, such as blogs, white-pages, eBooks, newsletters,  and social media posts, you have a better chance of converting them into a customer.

The more users interact with your online branding material, the more of an authority you become. That will translate into higher earnings down the road. Note that those businesses that blog multiple times a week attract 25% more leads than those that blog only once a week.

Check it out and share with us on Facebook how your business is using inbound marketing to get better qualified leads.

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How to Improve Your Conversion Rate FImage

Go Forth and Multiply Your Conversion Rates!

Your conversion rate correlates directly to your landing page. A well-thought out  and well- tested landing page with relevant and strategically placed Call-to-Actions can give you a much higher return on investment.

By doing A/B Testing on your landing pages, you can more specifically determine which landing page design works best to give you a higher conversion rate.

Check Out this infographic from our parent company, WSI on how multiply landing pages, video and A/B Testing can affect your ROI.

Click on the image to get a larger version.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate Infographic



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customer acquisition

5 Key Components to Improve Customer Acquisition

In today’s increasingly over-crowded online marketplace, the key to building a loyal customer base is to consistently follow an effective digital marketing plan – something most companies still fail to do.
Here are five key components for a digital marketing plan to take your customer acquisition to the next level.

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How Customer Satisfaction is a Small Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction should be front and center for every business. However, for a small business, it is paramount. Making customer service a top priority can make them more competitive against their larger counterpart. A company’s top asset is its customers. Happy and loyal customers not only support a business by continuing to do business with you, but by also referring you to friends and family.

Customer service and the quality of products or services are the two key factors to influencing repeat purchases according to a recent online survey taken by Manta. This makes it a ‘no brainer’ that the future of any business lies on keeping its’ customers happy.

As a business owner, thinking of ways to rise above the competition should revolve around giving customers something they can’t get elsewhere and promptly following up with them, even if they don’t buy. Often, remarketing to a customer who abandoned their shopping cart can impress them with how much their business means to you.

Asking for customer feedback on a consistent basis will give you the power to improve the customer’s experience. A simple online form or email poll is a great strategy for learning where you need to tweak your sales protocols and practices.

The beauty of a small business is that they have a greater chance of making their customer service more personal and targeted towards their interests and likes. Customers can be very sensitive to whether you are genuine and sincere. Using their names and finding ways to compliment them will help to develop a trusting and loyal following.

Once you have created a loyal customer base, don’t sit back and rest on your laurels. Identifying and anticipating customer needs is a good business strategy. Make an effort to get to know as much as possible about your customers and communicate regularly regarding any upcoming needs or special events. Fine-tune special deals geared towards their purchasing history.

Be sure to assure them that you are aware of and ready to fix any problems that they may encounter. An apology can go a long way when something goes wrong. Make it easy for them to complain and impress them with your willingness to listen and diffuse the situation.

Use social media as a platform to humanize your business and keep your customer aware of any new products, special sales or events. Do your best to engage with them and be prompt in responding to any comments (negative or positive) that they post regarding your business.

Encourage customers to write online reviews on social media and online directories by making an easy to follow instruction pamphlet. The search engines are starting to rank businesses higher that have a larger social footprint. Video testimonials is another valuable asset small businesses can use to illustrate how satisfied their customers are with their service and/or product.

And above all, say THANK YOU … saying thank you after every transaction is one of the easiest ways to build a loyal following. Showing that you appreciate their business makes them feel empowered and more likely to return!

Famous WSI Results is a small digital marketing firm that helps small to mid-sized businesses in Delaware and the surrounding tri-state area grow their business through using traditional time tested and innovative marketing stragegies. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, please get in touch.

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Great Remarketing Tips

The Magic of Remarketing for Your Delaware Business

Last week we began the discussion of how remarketing can be a big ROI for any business and how to effectively use it in your marketing plan. Here is a very informative slideshow to help you understand the ins and outs of remarketing.


Share with us some of the ways your business uses remarketing in its’ marketing strategy.

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Why Remarketing is a Good Investment of Your Advertising Dollars

what's your marketing strategy

Have you ever been browsing for a certain product online and either changed your mind about buying it or just want to take time to do more research?

You may have noticed after looking at a particular item, banner ads for that product follow you wherever you go. They’re in your home stream on Facebook, pop up on Youtube videos, show up when you’re using search engines and even splash across your home page. This is no mistake and this is good marketing … REMARKETING.

Businesses are jumping on the remarketing band wagon because of the greater ROI and the opportunity to target an interested consumer.

‘CPG company Kimberly-Clark relies on retargeting, saying it is seeing 50 to 60 percent higher conversion rates among consumers who have been retargeted.’ –CMO.Com

When used effectively, remarketing can keep a brand front and center of a prospective buyer throughout the buying cycle.   Retargeting ads are typically found to perform higher than the traditional display ads.

It is wise to be discerning when retargeting in order to avoid creeping out or appear to be stalking prospects wherever they go. If you constantly bombard a prospect with your ads, it may backfire on you and lessen your credibility.

There are several good remarketing strategies that you should consider. For example, remarket to existing customers by offering them a discount or hitting them at the right time of the ‘rebuying’ cycle. Filter your audience, so that you don’t waste precious advertising dollars on an audience outside of your particular demographics.

Create a variety of retargeting ads in order to match the specific product or services that prospective buyers show interest in. For example, if a visitor to your website browses a specific item or page, be sure your remarketing ad highlights that particular product or service.

Dynamic remarketing gives you the ability to create customized ads for prospects at different stages of the buying cycle or with interest in a specific product. By making your ads relevant to what the buyer is looking for and keeping front and center throughout the entire buying process, you have the highest likelihood of being there when they finally make the purchase.

Website visitors that are retargeted with display ads are seventy percent more likely to convert on your website.

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