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Targeted Marketing Delaware

Why Targeting Your Customers Where They Are Is Good For Business

Targeted Marketing Delaware

Want to Hit Your Target Market?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Online advertising not only helps you make sales, it connects you to potential customers and builds awareness about your brand and your product. With Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm, making your PPC Campaign responsive over all the different platforms that your buyer is using; desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, will ensure that you reach them where they are.

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Check out some of the targeted keywords you’re considering and compare them to what’s your competition is doing to grab the consumer’s attention. Your pay per click ad needs to be eye-grabbing in order to attract potential customers over the organic ads and other paid ads on the page.

Where Should You Place Your Ads?

Don’t limit your paid advertising efforts to search engines only! Consider placing ads in emails, blogs and high traffic websites, as well as other ad networks that work with publishers and pay a specific fee per 1000 impressions rather than per click.

What Can PPC Ads Be Used For?

Pay per click advertising can go beyond simply trying to make a sale, it can be used  to get people to opt in to something, such as entering a contest or sweepstakes, sharing an experience or knowledge, liking you on Facebook, following  you on Twitter, or subscribing  to your YouTube channel.

What Do You Do With A Potential Customer Once They Click?

Be Sure the Landing Page is relevant to what your PPC Ad was offering and that it works on ALL platforms; desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Make it count; Over 50% of mobile users visit a store within 24 hours after a local search and around 70% have clicked the call button directly from Google ads to phone businesses!

Why Are Location-Based Ads SO Effective?

More than 60%  of consumers have used location information in ads. Placing an address, phone number, directions and the call button in ads on smartphones is important!

Do your best to make that click count by attracting the visitor to opt in to receiving future communications from you. You can do this by getting them to fill out a form, having them to subscribe to a newsletter, and so on.

You may not have sold them today, but that opt-in leaves the door open to sales in the future.

Want To Learn More About Running an Effective Pay Per Click Campaign?

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1. Extend Your Reach with Google AdWords Ad Extensions

2. YouTube Advertising Gets You Seen

3. Improve Promotion Using Google’s Display Network

4. Stay Top of Mind with Remarketing

5. Don’t Forget Your Mobile Audience

Google introduced a significant update to their search algorithm last week that improves mobile user’s experience when searching on the phones. If your website is not mobile ready,  you’ll be excluded from the vast mobile search audience.

Following the five key steps listed above will make sure your brand stands out, remains top of mind and is well positioned when customers are ready to buy.

If you would like help increasing brand promotion for your business, get in touch with Famous WSI Results, your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today.

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How To Kiss Your Competitive Edge Goodbye

How to Kiss Your Competition Goodbye

Want to Get Ahead of Your Competion?

Check Out this ‘How To Kiss Your Competitive Edge Goodbye’  infographic. 

It shows that 63% of companies that use automated marketing  are outgrowing their competitors and that ONLY 37% of B2B marketers are using marketing automation.

Interestingly, tweets  containing pictures generate 128% more replies than those that don’t. Yet, companies tweet photos ONLY 8% of the time.

Keeping ahead of your competition takes consistent vigilance to keep abreast of the latest marketing trends.  If you are in tune with digital marketing trends, you’re sure to rise above your competitors.


If you need help kissing your competition goodbye, get in touch with our expert digital marketing consultants in Delaware.

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6 Tips for Improving Your Digital Marketing Strategy

6 Essential elements for a successful digital
marketing strategy!

Today’s crowded digital market place makes it harder to stand out from your competitors and with so many internet advertising choices it’s hard to determine how to best use of your marketing budget. The key is to create a personalized customer focused digital marketing strategy. Watch this video to learn about the 6 essential elements of a digital marketing plan which will help you stand out from the crowd.

By improving your digital marketing campaigns with these 6 techniques, you’ll be able to cater to your target market and stand out from the crowd. If you would like to find out how a well-planned digital marketing campaign can improve your online advertising, get in touch with our digital marketing consultants in Delaware.

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Benefits of Directory Listings for Your Delaware Business

The main goal of any online marketing strategy is to increase your business visibility across all search engines. Directing traffic to your website can be a complicated task, but one way to ensure traffic is to submit online directories.

So what are the benefits to using online directories?

  • Creates links to your website. The sole purpose of online directories is to provide the correct contact information and most importantly links to your website to local consumers in your area. Links are a key component in determining search engine ranking, so when a directory asks for your website, it’s crucial that you add it.
  • Affordable marketing. Most online directories are FREE. If you are not taking advantage of this, you are essentially giving the competition your business.
  • Establishes credibility. Utilizing online directories will only expand your brand recognition and boost your reputation. Most online directories allow users to post reviews for customer feedback. When a local user reads these reviews, it establishes your credibility as a business.
  • Listing is posted quickly. It is extremely frustrating when no one can find your website. Once you submit your directories, your business will be listed almost immediately, allowing users to find your products and services much more easily.
  • Target consumers locally. When searching for your products and services, online directories make it simple for local consumers to find your business by targeting specific states, cities, and even zip codes.

Time is money in the business world, and it’s important for your business to be seen online with the correct information. If your Delaware business needs help with online directories contact the experts at | 302-407-0430 |