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5 Key Components to Improve Customer Acquisition

In today’s increasingly over-crowded online marketplace, the key to building a loyal customer base is to consistently follow an effective digital marketing plan – something most companies still fail to do.
Here are five key components for a digital marketing plan to take your customer acquisition to the next level.

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How Customer Satisfaction is a Small Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction should be front and center for every business. However, for a small business, it is paramount. Making customer service a top priority can make them more competitive against their larger counterpart. A company’s top asset is its customers. Happy and loyal customers not only support a business by continuing to do business with you, but by also referring you to friends and family.

Customer service and the quality of products or services are the two key factors to influencing repeat purchases according to a recent online survey taken by Manta. This makes it a ‘no brainer’ that the future of any business lies on keeping its’ customers happy.

As a business owner, thinking of ways to rise above the competition should revolve around giving customers something they can’t get elsewhere and promptly following up with them, even if they don’t buy. Often, remarketing to a customer who abandoned their shopping cart can impress them with how much their business means to you.

Asking for customer feedback on a consistent basis will give you the power to improve the customer’s experience. A simple online form or email poll is a great strategy for learning where you need to tweak your sales protocols and practices.

The beauty of a small business is that they have a greater chance of making their customer service more personal and targeted towards their interests and likes. Customers can be very sensitive to whether you are genuine and sincere. Using their names and finding ways to compliment them will help to develop a trusting and loyal following.

Once you have created a loyal customer base, don’t sit back and rest on your laurels. Identifying and anticipating customer needs is a good business strategy. Make an effort to get to know as much as possible about your customers and communicate regularly regarding any upcoming needs or special events. Fine-tune special deals geared towards their purchasing history.

Be sure to assure them that you are aware of and ready to fix any problems that they may encounter. An apology can go a long way when something goes wrong. Make it easy for them to complain and impress them with your willingness to listen and diffuse the situation.

Use social media as a platform to humanize your business and keep your customer aware of any new products, special sales or events. Do your best to engage with them and be prompt in responding to any comments (negative or positive) that they post regarding your business.

Encourage customers to write online reviews on social media and online directories by making an easy to follow instruction pamphlet. The search engines are starting to rank businesses higher that have a larger social footprint. Video testimonials is another valuable asset small businesses can use to illustrate how satisfied their customers are with their service and/or product.

And above all, say THANK YOU … saying thank you after every transaction is one of the easiest ways to build a loyal following. Showing that you appreciate their business makes them feel empowered and more likely to return!

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Great Remarketing Tips

The Magic of Remarketing for Your Delaware Business

Last week we began the discussion of how remarketing can be a big ROI for any business and how to effectively use it in your marketing plan. Here is a very informative slideshow to help you understand the ins and outs of remarketing.


Share with us some of the ways your business uses remarketing in its’ marketing strategy.

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Why Remarketing is a Good Investment of Your Advertising Dollars

what's your marketing strategy

Have you ever been browsing for a certain product online and either changed your mind about buying it or just want to take time to do more research?

You may have noticed after looking at a particular item, banner ads for that product follow you wherever you go. They’re in your home stream on Facebook, pop up on Youtube videos, show up when you’re using search engines and even splash across your home page. This is no mistake and this is good marketing … REMARKETING.

Businesses are jumping on the remarketing band wagon because of the greater ROI and the opportunity to target an interested consumer.

‘CPG company Kimberly-Clark relies on retargeting, saying it is seeing 50 to 60 percent higher conversion rates among consumers who have been retargeted.’ –CMO.Com

When used effectively, remarketing can keep a brand front and center of a prospective buyer throughout the buying cycle.   Retargeting ads are typically found to perform higher than the traditional display ads.

It is wise to be discerning when retargeting in order to avoid creeping out or appear to be stalking prospects wherever they go. If you constantly bombard a prospect with your ads, it may backfire on you and lessen your credibility.

There are several good remarketing strategies that you should consider. For example, remarket to existing customers by offering them a discount or hitting them at the right time of the ‘rebuying’ cycle. Filter your audience, so that you don’t waste precious advertising dollars on an audience outside of your particular demographics.

Create a variety of retargeting ads in order to match the specific product or services that prospective buyers show interest in. For example, if a visitor to your website browses a specific item or page, be sure your remarketing ad highlights that particular product or service.

Dynamic remarketing gives you the ability to create customized ads for prospects at different stages of the buying cycle or with interest in a specific product. By making your ads relevant to what the buyer is looking for and keeping front and center throughout the entire buying process, you have the highest likelihood of being there when they finally make the purchase.

Website visitors that are retargeted with display ads are seventy percent more likely to convert on your website.

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Targeted Marketing Delaware

Talk To Your Customers Where They Are … Mobile!

Our last blog addressed targeted marketing and how important it was to reach out to consumers where they are. With the huge increase of google searches coming from mobile devices, it makes sense that targeting potential customers on mobile platforms with strategies such as PPC marketing  will serve your business well.

Also, with googles new mobile algorithm that give better search rankings done from mobile devices to those businesses whose websites are better optimized for mobile, targeting the mobile users can give you a much higher success rate in your marketing efforts.

Not Convinced?

Check Out this ‘Targeted Lead Generation’ Infographic by WSI:


Targeted Marketing Delaware

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Targeted Marketing Delaware

Why Targeting Your Customers Where They Are Is Good For Business

Targeted Marketing Delaware

Want to Hit Your Target Market?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Online advertising not only helps you make sales, it connects you to potential customers and builds awareness about your brand and your product. With Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm, making your PPC Campaign responsive over all the different platforms that your buyer is using; desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, will ensure that you reach them where they are.

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Check out some of the targeted keywords you’re considering and compare them to what’s your competition is doing to grab the consumer’s attention. Your pay per click ad needs to be eye-grabbing in order to attract potential customers over the organic ads and other paid ads on the page.

Where Should You Place Your Ads?

Don’t limit your paid advertising efforts to search engines only! Consider placing ads in emails, blogs and high traffic websites, as well as other ad networks that work with publishers and pay a specific fee per 1000 impressions rather than per click.

What Can PPC Ads Be Used For?

Pay per click advertising can go beyond simply trying to make a sale, it can be used  to get people to opt in to something, such as entering a contest or sweepstakes, sharing an experience or knowledge, liking you on Facebook, following  you on Twitter, or subscribing  to your YouTube channel.

What Do You Do With A Potential Customer Once They Click?

Be Sure the Landing Page is relevant to what your PPC Ad was offering and that it works on ALL platforms; desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Make it count; Over 50% of mobile users visit a store within 24 hours after a local search and around 70% have clicked the call button directly from Google ads to phone businesses!

Why Are Location-Based Ads SO Effective?

More than 60%  of consumers have used location information in ads. Placing an address, phone number, directions and the call button in ads on smartphones is important!

Do your best to make that click count by attracting the visitor to opt in to receiving future communications from you. You can do this by getting them to fill out a form, having them to subscribe to a newsletter, and so on.

You may not have sold them today, but that opt-in leaves the door open to sales in the future.

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1. Extend Your Reach with Google AdWords Ad Extensions

2. YouTube Advertising Gets You Seen

3. Improve Promotion Using Google’s Display Network

4. Stay Top of Mind with Remarketing

5. Don’t Forget Your Mobile Audience

Google introduced a significant update to their search algorithm last week that improves mobile user’s experience when searching on the phones. If your website is not mobile ready,  you’ll be excluded from the vast mobile search audience.

Following the five key steps listed above will make sure your brand stands out, remains top of mind and is well positioned when customers are ready to buy.

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How To Kiss Your Competitive Edge Goodbye

How to Kiss Your Competition Goodbye

Want to Get Ahead of Your Competion?

Check Out this ‘How To Kiss Your Competitive Edge Goodbye’  infographic. 

It shows that 63% of companies that use automated marketing  are outgrowing their competitors and that ONLY 37% of B2B marketers are using marketing automation.

Interestingly, tweets  containing pictures generate 128% more replies than those that don’t. Yet, companies tweet photos ONLY 8% of the time.

Keeping ahead of your competition takes consistent vigilance to keep abreast of the latest marketing trends.  If you are in tune with digital marketing trends, you’re sure to rise above your competitors.


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