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A COVID-19 Webinar Series You’ll Want to Attend

Here’s a COVID-19 Webinar Series You’ll Want to Attend

A COVID-19 Webinar Series You’ll Want to Attend

We think it’s fair to say that none of us imagined we’d be where we are today. Nor did we foresee the impact COVID-19 would have on businesses all around the world. 

We know your business has been affected in one way or the other, and we’d like to help you navigate through this crisis, so you are positioned to come out on the other side stronger. 

Over the next few weeks, WSI will be running a free webinar series to share digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices that you can use to overcome the marketing obstacles you are facing today. Based on some of the recent research we’ve seen, companies that embrace digital marketing will be in a much better position to engage and network with their customers through this crisis. 

Here are the details for this special WSI COVID-19 webinar series: 


Ahead of the Curve: Digital Marketing Tips, Tricks and Best Practices During COVID-19


Occurs every Wednesday from April 1 – May 6 | 11:30 AM – 12 PM EDT


Topics being covered: 

  • April 1 – Video Marketing: How Using Video Creates Revenue, Retention, and Relationships for Your Business
  • April 8 – Competitive Research: How to Analyze the Marketing Activities of Your Competitors to Get Ahead
  • April 15 – Database Management: Learning the Basics of Managing Your Customer Database to Grow Your Business
  • April 22 – Persona-Based Marketing: Understanding Your Target Audience in Challenging Times 
  • April 29 – Conversational Marketing: How to Reimagine Your Customer Conversations Using the Latest Technology
  • May 6 – Website Conversions: How to Convert More of Your Website Visitors into Leads



Even if you don’t think you can’t make all of the dates above, we encourage you to register for the series, so you get a copy of the webinar recordings to your inbox to watch later.   

As always, my team is here to support your business in any way that we can.

Stay safe, and remember, we are in this together.


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Things You Can Do for Your Business While Working from Home

Things You Can Do for Your Business While Working from Home 

Things You Can Do for Your Business While Working from Home

In just a few short weeks, terms like social distancing and flattening the curve appeared in our daily vocabulary and Covid-19 forced us to adjust to a new normal while working from home. While those surely unprecedented times seem to bring a lot of unknowns for many businesses, there are certain things you can do now to help alleviate the heaviness of the current situation. 


If your business is currently feeling the effects of the global pandemic, it’s time to rethink your digital marketing strategy. We believe that trying to save money by cutting back on your digital efforts is only a short-term solution that you will most likely regret in a long run…


Since most of us are working from home these days, it’s time to use this opportunity and dive in deeper into the digital world in an effort to improve your business. If you think you’re ready to claim your share of the marketplace and reach new customers, this post is for you! 


Things You Can Do for Your Business

While Working from Home 


  • Hit Refresh on the Old Content – One way to boost your search engine ranking is by updating old content (blog posts or YouTube videos) with new information, hashtags, optimized photos and relevant backlinks.  
  • Update Your Company’s Website – In order to reach more customers, now is a perfect time to boost your site’s organic reach and focus on SEO. You can start by going over each page and updating your page titles, headers and meta tags. 
  • Leverage a Healthy Mix of Social Media – It’s time to connect with your audience! In times of so much uncertainty, we guarantee your potential clients will appreciate that extra customer service care and attention to details. 
  • Research New Platforms to Reach More People – Whether it’s uploading Insta-stories, going live on Facebook or creating tutorials and informative videos for your audience, use this time to connect with people who are actively seeking new media to stay entertained and informed. 
  • Invest Time in a Competitor Analysis – Pay attention to what your competitors are doing online. If you’re looking to benefit from a comparison analysis of your industry, check out these 5 Steps you should take to make your company more competitive and better focused on success. 
  • Get Client Testimonials – One of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools for your business are client testimonials. Why? Because they deliver value from the people that know your services or products best. If you’re wondering how to ask your clients to provide feedback about your work, check out this article. 


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If you have any questions or would like to find out how Famous WSI Results can help your business claim its share of the marketplace, contact us today! 


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featured snippets and Google update 2020

Latest Google Update & What You Have to Know About Featured Snippets

featured snippets and Google update 2020

As you know, regular Google updates are nothing short of unusual to see for a digital marketer. Last year, one of the biggest changes that affected website rankings across the board was definitely the https update and the SSL certificate requirement for all companies who were conducting business online. In 2020, Google is taking a closer look at Featured Snippets. 

What Are Featured Snippets? 

Featured Snippets are designed to provide a searcher with an answer that is relevant, concise and conveniently visible. Essentially, they provide every user with adequate solutions without having to click for specific results. If your website appears on top of Google searches, it’s called a position zero. Being in the center of searches is highly beneficial for getting organic traffic and thanks to featured snippets, in the past websites were able to appear on the first search page more than once. 

This year, Google is trying to declutter page one search results. In other words, URLs elevated to position zero with a featured snippet will no longer appear anywhere else on page one. This clean-up is known as deduplication. 

What does that mean for users? 

Quicker searches affecting in finding clean, relevant information. For marketers, this may not be the best news as it may limit the chances for higher organic traffic, click-through rates and more exposure.  

What can you do to alleviate the effect of these changes?  

Keep creating relevant, unique and interesting content! Focus on providing useful answers for all queries and don’t forget about voice search optimization! 


Need help?  

Contact Famous WSI Results today! We help small to mid-sized business owners who are too busy running their businesses to focus on their marketing and advertising efforts. We specialize in Internet, TV, and radio advertising, and are particularly vested in Search Engine Optimization, website design, mobile website design, pay-per-click campaigns, and original content management in order to help our clientele claim their share of the marketplace.    


Get in touch: 

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2020 Digital Marketing Tips for Every Business

2020 Digital Marketing Tips for Every Business

2020 Digital Marketing Tips for Every Business

As we get closer to welcoming a new year, now is a perfect opportunity to implement these 2020 digital marketing tips. We know how hard it is for small to mid-sized companies to compete with larger competitors in the industry. This is why getting you marketing strategy in order before the new year comes is crucial to staying ahead of the game. 

If you don’t know where to start, we put together a list of essential digital marketing strategies that are sure to grow your brand in 2020: 


2020 Digital Marketing Tips for Every Business:


  1. SEO audit – There is no denying that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing. It not only allows you to target a certain market niche, but it also gives you greater control over your advertising budget. If your website and online listings are not optimized for search yet, it’s time to change that. 
  2. Content Calendar – From blog articles to video content and social media posts, the best thing you can do to have success with content creation is to plan ahead. Take the time to put together a content calendar for your business so you can execute all of your ideas efficiently in the future!
  3. SSL Certificate There’s nothing more important to your brand than being authentic and making your customers feel well taken care of. That is why security of their private information should be your top priority when managing your online business. By implementing the SSL Certificate on your website, you establish an online entity’s credentials for doing business on the Web. Such action promotes trust, protection, confidentiality and also, better ranking of your business in Google search.
  4. Mobile-friendly Website – What is your mobile strategy? Providing a mobile-friendly experience is not only a good marketing move, it is expected. Google even implemented mobile-friendly algorithm that provides businesses that have optimized their website for mobile usage higher rankings when users search on mobile devices.
  5. Video Content – Video has been getting a boost in search from all voice queries, so don’t neglect it in 2020. Producing video content is a great way to liven up your marketing strategy!

  Ready to take 2020 by storm?    

Contact Famous WSI Results today! We help small to mid-sized business owners who are too busy running their businesses to focus on their marketing and advertising efforts. We specialize in internet, television, and radio advertising, and are particularly vested in search engine optimization, website design, mobile website design, pay-per-click campaigns, and original content management in order to help our clientele claim their share of the marketplace.

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Directory Listings

How Claiming Directory Listings Can Help Your Company?

Directory Listings

Using online properties to effectively develop a stellar digital reputation is a marathon, not a sprint. Getting your house in order (your website, your social media accounts and online business directory listings) is a good place to start. Having a consistent and diverse reputation management plan will keep your business and brand on topic and on the positive side of your audience.  

However, ending there is not going to help you create the lead generation that will help you to grow your online presence. The key to marketing success is constantly updating, adapting, measuring, analyzing and tweaking your strategy to better optimize your results. 

While SEO is in a constant state of flex, it is something you cannot afford to overlook. There is a lot of factors to consider well before you claim your share of the marketplace. First, let’s discuss directory listings and how they play a big part of getting your business a great online presence. 

Directory Listings

If you want your company to rise in rankings on search engine results pages, take the time to claim your business directories as soon as possible. Think of it as yellow pages in a phone book. You want potential customers to know everything about your business in the most accessible way to get more leads. That’s why online directories are so important for your business.  

Things like your company address, phone number, email address and website link should be consistent and updated regularly so any potential customer or client can find your business right away. Some popular websites to list your company information include Google My Business, Manta, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, Bing Places and Better Business Bureau. 

Taking the time to claim your local business directory listings comes with many more benefits for your company. Besides helping your customers find you, you are also able to reach more people who are looking for specific services. How’s that for a FREE advertising opportunity? Yes, you read it right FREE, business directories are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools ever. 


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Needless to say, being properly listed in directories and using adaptive search engine optimization can be a game changer when trying to grow your business.  Your business needs to be found! 

At Famous WSI Results, we simplify the complicated process of managing and verifying directory listings that are pertinent to your industry and location. We also optimize the directory listings with targeted keywords, optimized images and video. 

If you have and questions or would like to find out more about how FWSIR can help you compete in the digital marketplace and manage your online presence, get in touch! 


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Google My Business Service Feature

Are You Using Google My Business Service Area Feature?

Google My Business Service Feature

Looking to find more customers for your service-area business? Google is making it easier now for businesses that service a particular area to get discovered by consumers searching for services like theirs online in Google Maps and Search. 

Does your business serve customers within a specific service area? If the answer is yes, you should go ahead and update your Google My Business listing asap. Listing your service area helps let customers know where you’ll go to visit or deliver to them. 

Here’s who should be using the Google My Business Service Area feature: 

  • A business that visits or delivers to customers, but doesn’t serve customers at its business address (e.g. a cleaning service). 
  • A business that serves customers at its business address, but also visits or delivers to customers (e.g. a restaurant that also delivers food). 

How it works? 

You can set your service area based on a specific city, postal code, or other areas that you serve. However, it’s important to note that you can no longer set your service area as a distance (mile radius) around your business. If you previously did so, you won’t be able to edit it now. Instead, you’ll need to specify your service area by city, postal code, or other areas. 

Google My Business service area


Keep in mind the following when updating your Google My Business Listing: 

  • If you don’t serve customers at your business address, leave the address field blank and only enter your service area. 
  • If you serve customers at your business address but also have a service area, enter both your address and service area. 


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Need help managing your Google My Business listing? Contact Famous WSI Results today! We are your local Delaware digital marketing experts!  


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5 LinkedIn Business Tips to Use Now


Over the years, LinkedIn has become a resourceful platform not only for individuals looking for work but also for businesses trying to market their brand. Since this specific medium has always been rooted in networking, its marketing potential turns out to be so valuable these days. 

Is your company actively present on LinkedIn? 

There are many ways you can market your brand online. Here’s how you can use LinkedIn, the largest business networking platform in the world, to increase your share of the marketplace:

5 LinkedIn Business Tips to Use Now


  1.  Complete and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile – The first impressions are everything. Not to mention they affect your search ranking score. Do yourself a favor now and make sure your work experience is up to date so others can quickly find out about your company, products or services you have to offer. Don’t forget to add you company profile to the page as well! 
  2. Connect with Others – While you should link up with those you already know, LinkedIn is a networking platform so don’t shy away from accepting invites from new people! The more you expand your network, the more marketing opportunities you get! 
  3. Be Creative – There’s over 500 million active users on LinkedIn. Find a way to stand out! Write a compelling bio, share insightful articles, include videos from your business and don’t forget to include a call to action! 
  4. Pay It Forward – Recommending others can be the greatest thing that ever happened to your business. A good old ‘word of mouth’ is still a powerful way to provide testimonials while marketing your business at the same time! 
  5. Join Targeted Groups – LinkedIn groups are a great way to focus on your niche. Use them to connect with others, spread your message and brand your business! 


There you go! Use these 5 tips and take your LinkedIn Business profile to another level! If you need help managing your business account, don’t hesitate to contact Famous WSI Results.     


Famous WSI Results and partner Advertising Is Simple are a full-service marketing agency located in Wilmington, Delaware, helping small to mid-sized businesses with all their digital marketing, radio and television advertising needs. Get in touch.


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Pinterest Advertising

What You Should Know About Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

If you own a business, you probably already understand how an established online presence can benefit your brand. Social media is not only a free tool for marketers and business owners that can be utilized to bring more brand awareness, but it can also be a vital element of any advertising efforts. 

Do you want to bring in more leads and get your products or services in front of the right eyes? Consider investing in Pinterest Advertising! Here’s how. 


What You Should Know About Pinterest Advertising


  1. Pinterest for Business – Before you do anything, make sure to switch your account to a business one so you can access specific features like analytics and the Ads Manager.
  2. Goal setting – What do you want people to do after they see your ad? Choosing your goal should be based on what’s most important to your business for this each campaign.
  3. Targeting – Take time narrowing down your ideal target. You should strive to reach the people on Pinterest who are most likely to show an active interest in your ads. Your targeting options can be determined by certain keywords, interests, demographics or placements. You can also use individual targets or combine multiple approaches.
  4. Budgeting – You can select a lifetime option if you want us to use your budget evenly in a chosen timeline. Pinterest will automatically adjust budgets based on how much there is left to deliver. If you select a daily approach, you will only use a specific amount you want to spend each day.
  5. Pin Success – You should promote Pins that are already doing well to reach even more people. Visit your Analytics board to see what’s performing well. Remember to ONLY promote content you own, and make sure every Pin links to a website. 


There you go! Use these 5 easy steps and take your Pinterest Advertising strategy to another level! If you need help managing your business account, don’t hesitate to contact Famous WSI Results!


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Famous WSI Results and partner Advertising Is Simple are a full-service marketing agency located in Wilmington, Delaware, helping small to mid-sized businesses with all their digital marketing, radio and television advertising needs. Get in touch.


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