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Google Analytics Tools

5 Google Analytics Tools to Include In Your Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics Tools

Tracking conversion is one of the most important tasks we have as digital marketers. Thankfully, there are many free services like Google Analytics tools that we can use to quickly and efficiently measure any inbound marketing efforts. Moreover, we can also see if the website that we’re monitoring is actually helping the business or doing the opposite. 

Are you using Google Analytics to its full potential as a business owner or marketer? If you’re not sure, try incorporating these 5 Google Analytics tools into your marketing strategy now. 


5 Google Analytics Tools to Include In Your Marketing Strategy


  1. Measure Your Website’s Speed.

    As you may already know, SEO plays a huge role in helping your site rank higher in Google Search. Unfortunately, there’s many things than can badly affect your SEO and one of them is your site’s loading time. Moreover, depending on the download speed of your site, you can either gain more website visitors or lose them. To check out your site speed metrics and diagnose any problems, go to Behavior > Site Speed > Overview, or Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings (for individual pages of your site).

  2. Analyze Site Searches.

    Want to know how to deliver content your website visitors came for? Enable a search option on your site and then use Behavior > Site Search in Google Analytics to get the data.

  3. Set Up Goals.

    Often overlooked, Goals are a feature that’s simple to use and quite effective at measuring conversion. To create goals, make sure you have admin rights to your Google Analytics page and then go to Admin > Goals > New Goal. From there, you choose a Goal Type you wish to start monitoring (URL Destination, Visit Duration, Page/Visit, Event).

  4. Look into Reporting.

    Whether you want to check your own results or report to your clients, you can do so manually or get weekly/ monthly reports straight to your email. To get the most out of your data collection, we recommend covering 7 areas in your Google Analytics report – Audience Overview, Acquisition Overview, Channels, Social Network Referrals, Mobile Overview and Goals Overview.

  5. Stop Tracking Yourself.

    Assuming you’re the #1 of your website, you probably visit it every single day. To ensure the traffic you bring is not being registered in your Google Analytics reports, you can use a tool to exclude yourself from any future data collection. First, set up a filter under the “Admin” panel. If you have a static IP address, go to All Filters > Add New Filter, and then set a Predefined Filter to Exclude traffic from your given IP address. 


There you have it! Starting with just these 5 Google Analytics tools should give you a great deal of information about your marketing efforts. If you want to learn more on how to get the most out of your Google Analytics, stay tuned for more tips! 


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Make 2017 the Year of Profitability by Harnessing the Power of Analytics

Make 2017 the Year of Profitability by Harnessing the Power of Analytics

Watch this Video to Find Out About 5 Profit Pulling Analytics Reports to Regularly Review:

Watch this Video to Find Out About 5 Profit Pulling Analytics Reports to Regularly Review

Web analytics tools collect and report data on how people interact with your website. Being able to understand these metrics, will enable you to identify the most effective marketing channels – and  be ready to gain a competitive advantage.

Reviewing the following 5 analytics reports will enable you to improve your overall customer experience, and increase sales.

  1. Referring Sites Report
  2. Content Engagement Report
  3. Landing Pages Report
  4. Site Search Report
  5. Mobile Performance Report

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How to Make Your Advertising Dollars Work Harder

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Whether you are looking to come up for a certain keyword in a certain location or age group, advertising platforms have become more sophisticated in helping you reach your target market. But many business owners fail to utilize the latest technologies in marketing, either because they are running PPC campaigns themselves and don’t know how. Or their marketing partner is not up-to-date with the latest marketing trends.

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