7 Reasons to have a Mobile App for your Delaware Business

7 Reasons to have a Mobile App for your Delaware Business

Mar 23,2017 Posted by to digital marketing

7 Reasons to have a Mobile App for your Delaware Business

This generation we live in is very mobile friendly. It seems like everywhere you look someone is using a mobile phone for basic phone calls and for also other useful things like surfing the internet. Most people of the millennial generation grew up with some kind of mobile device in their hands at all times big or small.

Generations before have used phones but not in the ways that are available to phones today. One thing that has become available on pretty much any touch screen phone are mobile apps. They pretty much are the easiest way to access information about a particular search engine or business in the palm of your hands. For business use, mobile apps could be of great benefit.

Here are 7 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Mobile App:

  1. Push Notifications:  A great way to engage with your customers.  Update customers on events, specials, news, etc.
  2.  Loyalty Programs:  Easy to use customer loyalty programs to encourage repeat customers.
  3. Available to customers at all times:  Day or night, customers can access your app to get information on products/services or send in a question through a form.
  4. Brand Recognition: The more customers use your app, the more they will recognize your branding techniques and associate certain things with your companies brand.
  5. Competitors:  Competitors may not have an app yet, which will make your business stand out.  Creating a mobile app let’s your customers know you care about their needs and how easily they can access information about your business.
  6. Integration:  You can integrate multiple marketing sources into one place.  Connect your YouTube channel, social media accounts, PDFs, web site pages and more all into your mobile app.
  7. Directions:  You can easily provide directions right from your app to your storefront/restaurant/office/etc.

It sounds to me like mobile apps are very handy. Apps have so many different features that most websites that you look at for a local business probably wouldn’t. Push notifications give you up to date quick alerts about business recognition and reach that you can get in the palm of your hands.

Also, given the fact that apps are available all day at any time, customers can reach your business at their convenience to learn about your business at any time fast and easy. The main thing to point out about having an app is that your competitors might not have one.

Things means more awareness and reach for you and also more business that could come in from it. To me, this sounds like a win-win situation for both sides. Apps are handy, and the business world around you are taking notice of that every day.

Check out this app that we did for our client at Tri-State Liquors in Delaware:

tri state liquors mobile app by Famous WSI Results


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