B2B Mobile Apps Delaware

7 Great Mobile App Features for B2B Companies That Will Make Their Clients Smile

Jun 20,2017 Posted by to digital marketing

Have you been considering building a mobile app for your B2B Company? Many deem that mobile apps are more for B2C businesses. Not true.

While it is easy to see great value of a mobile app for a B2C business, such as streamlined ordering, push notifications and the ability to offer incentives to customers through loyalty programs. With B2B marketing, it gets a little more obtuse on what the value can be for developing a mobile app.

B2B Mobile Apps Delaware

A well-designed B2B mobile app can give a great ROI and help build a clientele base that is loyal and easily accessible. If your business is in manufacturing, a mobile app can be useful to clientele who may be researching your product. There is the added benefit of streamlining the ordering process. A regular client could place orders based on past ones easily from anywhere.

Likewise, imagine how empowering a mobile app could be for your sales team. They will have easy access to CRM information, such as sales, marketing, quotes and invoicing that they can conveniently share with prospects and clients.

Do you want to stay ahead of your competitors? If your current mobile strategy does not include Mobile Apps, now is the time to consider investing in one. In today’s post, we are sharing 7Top Reasons Your B2B company  can absolutely benefit from a Mobile App.

7 Great Mobile App Features for B2B Companies That Will Make Their Clients Smile:

  1. Promotional Features: If your business holds special events, such as trainings, seminars, symposiums, or promotions, a mobile app can be invaluable by allowing you to showcase key information & promotions, track attendees and post comments or updates.
  2. Newsletter Sign Up: Entice clients to sign up for your mailing list in order to get exclusive updates, industry based news, special offers or notifications. By becoming an authority in your industry through sharing valuable content, you will develop a trust and reputation which translate into sales.
  3. Appointments and/or Consultations: Your clients will appreciate the ease with which they can schedule appointments or consultations. Your sales team can utilize this feature to schedule appointments with clients and prospects, helping to get more business on the books.
  4. Push Notifications: Send exclusive messages directly to your clients’ phones. Push notification can utilize geo-fencing marketing technique to target clients based on their location.
  5. Merchandise or Invoicing: Build your own marketplace or integrate with your current online store. Customize your products and descriptions, accept payments in-app (set up shipping and taxes) and add an option for pick-up or virtual delivery, if your product is digital.
  6. Loyalty Programs: Even a B2B can benefit from creating a loyalty program rewarding repeat clients with incentives, coupons or promotional items.
  7. CMR System: Easily connect with, manage and contact clients. View your app’s user-base and their locations. Easily access all orders or see how users interact with your app.

The best way to develop a B2B mobile app is to thoroughly analyze your business and think creatively about what types of mobile app features will best serve you and your clientele.  Customizing and testing your mobile app will add true value to your B2B mobile marketing, creating a streamlined process for you and your clients.

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