5 Steps to Successful Content Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Jun 20,2019 Posted by to Content Marketing

5 Steps to Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing gives small businesses a chance to become publishers of valuable information and allows them a better success rate when competing with larger competitors.  While any business can publish and curate content, many brands have a hard time developing the mindset to create a consistent flow of new, interesting information. 

Content Marketing Mix 

According to the experts, a best-in-class content marketing mix should consist of: 

  • 65% original content (created by your business)
  • 25% curated content
  • 10% syndicated content

Sharing a marketing mix of different sources of high value content can help with leveraging your resources more efficiently, while better engaging your target audience. 

Want to know more? Here’s 5 tips for creating a successful content marketing strategy. 


5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing Strategy 


1. Identify Your Ideal Customers – This is a key in order to create an effective roadmap for your content marketing strategy. Where do your customers hang out in real life and online? What forums and websites do they visit? What challenges do they face and what kind of content can you create that will help them overcome these challenges? Buyers are already overwhelmed by the amount of content that businesses generate, so it is imperative to focus on quality instead of quantity.

2. Repurpose Content – Don’t waste your marketing budgets on recreating content that already exists. Convert existing content into quality one that is well-thought-out in order to be well-received, hence leading to more conversions. There are undoubtedly presentations, proposals, brochures and action plans that can be adapted for content marketing purposes.

Content Marketing

3. Perform Content Audit – Replace or remove outdated content from your website, brochures, presentations and action plans. Few businesses visit their own website on a regular basis and often fail to identify outdated information. A content audit will show you where you need to remove and replace old legacy content.

4. Share Quality Content – If you’re working with content that’s more than five years old, you might find that it contains good information but the tone, style and focus don’t hit the mark anymore. Improving and tweaking existing content can stretch your marketing budget and make your content more effective.

5. Use Content in New and Creative Ways – Transform case studies into downloadable infographics, turn internal company news into blog posts or short form video content, and post photos from your conferences and work functions to Pinterest and Facebook. Make your content strategy as far-reaching and effective as possible using innovative ways to turn it into multimedia, news items or any type of content that your target audience would want to consume. 


As you can see, curating content that is meaningful in an organized, valuable way can be a valuable part of any successful content marketing strategy. But what if most small businesses can’t spend too much time on creating quality content?  This is where you can outsource help! 

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