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5 Social Media Tips For Your Delaware Business

Dec 28,2014 Posted by to Blog

Many Business owners are beginning to realize the power of social media, but are in the dark as to where to begin. Some good advice; take baby steps, as you get more comfortable, you can add new platforms.
It’s important to take a new perspective on the product or service that your business provides and find a way to make it stand out from your competitors. What do you have to offer that is different from them?
And finally, use social media to drive traffic to your website, which is your greatest sales tool!

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5 Social Media Tips For Business:

  1. Develop a Plan – find out where your current and prospective customers are socializing and figure a way to connect to them in a real, valuable way.
  2. Find Your Own Style – You should put a human behind your brand that will connect to consumers, it’s what they want.
  3. Focus & Update Often – Pick a regular time to spend time each week on responding and participating on social media (pick just one platform for now, you can expand as you find your voice and get more comfortable).
  4. Schedule Current & Unique Post – New content is important to keep customers engaged, ideally once a week, to begin. You be able to measure how interested your customers are by whether they like or comment on your posts.
  5. Use Analytics to Gage Your Success – Us Google Analytics to measure your engagement

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