5 Reasons to have a Mobile App for your Delaware Restaurant

Apr 18,2017 Posted by to Mobile

5 Reasons for your Delaware Restaurant to have a mobile app

We live in a time where customers expect a mobile friendly experience – whether it is to make dinner reservations, book a hotel room or ordering takeout – it should be easily handled at the touch of a button.

One thing that can help anyone in the hospitality business to better connect with those customers on touch screen device are mobile apps.  People’s usage of apps now for personal or business are at an all-time high. When they need an answer, information, or basic knowledge about something, they want it fast and at the tip of their fingers.

With this knowledge, businesses now are finding ways to optimize their reach and profit in the most affordable and easiest ways. In particular, the hospitality industry could use mobile apps to benefit their local business in a variety of ways. Any restaurant, hotel, bar, and general event planning needs could be accomplished with these great digital marketing tools.

Here are 5 Reasons Your Delaware Hospitality Business Should Have a Mobile App:

  1. Push Notifications:  A great way to engage with your customers.  Update customers on events, specials, news, etc.
  2. Available to customers at all times:  Day or night, customers can access your app to get information on products/services or send in a question through a form instantly.
  3. Brand Recognition: The more customers use your app, the more they will recognize your company’s branding techniques and associate certain things with its brand. Brand awareness=SALES!
  4. Competitors:  Competitors may not have an app yet, which will make your business stand out.  Creating a mobile app lets customers know you care about their needs and allows for easy access to your business, such as business hour listings, daily specials, loyalty programs, online reservations or curbside pickup. (These are just a few of the features of our Mobile App offerings.)
  5. Integration:  Mobile apps can integrate multiple marketing sources into one place.  Connect your company’s Youtube channel, social media accounts, PDFs, web site pages and more all in one place. This presents fast and convenient access so your customers can view everything that you offer!

Can you see how a mobile app for your Delaware hospitality business could come in handy? Mobile apps mean more awareness and reach for your business and which can result in more loyal customers and increase in sales.

Apps are handy, and the businesses around the world are taking notice of that more and more each day. What about your Delaware business – is it ready to embrace the mobile app revolution?

Check out this app that we did for our client at Tri-State Liquors in Delaware:

triState app

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