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5 Reasons to Create a Targeted Landing Page for Your PPC Campaign

Mar 12,2015 Posted by to Landing Page

If you’re running a Pay Per Click Campaign and sending your target market to the home page of your website, you may just be wasting your money. More than likely your home page is a overall synopsis of your business products or services and full of distractions. Creating a Landing Page that has a clear CTA (Call to Action) can make for a more effective PPC campaign and increase your conversion rate.

5 Reasons to Create a Targeted Landing Page for Your PPC Campaign:

  1. Creates a more relevant experience -this will increase your conversion rate
  2. Creates a better impression for the person that clicks on your ad – when the landing page matches the ad, it gives a more positive feeling that they made a “good click”
  3. Avoids sending mixed messages – when a PPC Ad sends the consumer to a ‘home page’, there is too many distracting messages and it will dilute the effect of your campaign
  4. Experimentation & Testing – allows for easier testing of many variations of messaging and layout by using landing pages
  5. Traffic Budget- You will see a better ROI by optimizing your landing page for improved Quality Score and conversions, than by simply increasing your PPC campaign budget to get more traffic

Want a Better Result for Your Next PPC Campaign? Create a Targeted Land Page Will ↑↑↑ Increase Your Conversion Rate!

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