5 Facebook Tips for Your Delaware Business

Mar 05,2015 Posted by to Social media

Facebook has changed the way businesses are marketing their products and services. Constructing a social media marketing strategy via Facebook can be extremely overwhelming for business owners who do not know that best way to target their potential clients. Attracting a significant amount of new followers does not happen overnight, this is something that grows as time passes. In order to brand your business on Facebook, it’s important to follow these 5 Facebook tips for Your Delaware Business.

  1. Personalize your Facebook page URL. This is especially important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. If your page URL contains a cluster of numbers, your product and/or services most likely will not appear when someone is searching for your business. Customizing your URL will not only allow for higher rankings, but will also establish your brand as credible to potential clients.
  2. Choose an appealing profile and cover photograph. It’s important to understand that these are the first two images your prospective client will see, so selecting the appropriate photographs is crucial. Typically, incorporating your company logo would work best as your profile image. The cover photo is a great way to showcase your products and services, but it also another great way to promote any discounts your business is offering.
  3. Optimize the “About” section. This section is provided to give consumers a brief description about your products and services; it also helps with SEO purposes. You should also incorporate contact information, geo location, phone number, email, and most importantly a link to your website.
  4. Create Conversation with your followers. Every follower is a possible customer. When posting content, images, and/or videos, it’s imperative that you ask for feedback. This allows you to improve customer satisfaction and improve business.
  5. Track your performance. It is vital that you track your performance in order to measure what works and what doesn’t work for your Facebook business page. The more you understand what appeals to your audience, the more success you will have in terms of social media.

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