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5 Best Practices When Writing Email Subject Lines

Feb 12,2015 Posted by to Blog

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Email is still an effective tool to connect to your customer when done right. The title that you give your email can make a big difference as to whether it ends up in the SPAM folder or is opened by the reader. The best email titles are short, descriptive and give the reader a reason to explore your message further. Standing out in the inbox can be difficult and keeping your subject line simple and to the point is one of the best practices. Using cheesy or splashy phrases can backfire and result in your email being ignored.

Here are 5 Best Practices When Writing Email Subject Lines:

  1. Be Specific: When working on your subject line, identify and be very clear about your goal. Being upfront and honest will make it more likely that your email will be opened.
  2. Personalize, Localize and Target: Using a first and/or last name, geographic or cultural references, details of the recipient’s actions, gender, seasons and/or holidays are all good ways to grab your reader’s attention.
  3. Subject Line Length: the general rule is to keep your subject line to 50 characters or less. In most cases this is best practice unless you have a highly targeted audience that will appreciate the additional information in the subject line.
  4. Subject Line With Numbers & Lists: Incorporating numbers into your subject line attracts attention (Our brains are naturally drawn to digits). List are easier for us to process and create interest, plus promise a quick and easy read.
  5. Three Words to Avoid: Mailchimp recently came out with a study and identified 3 words that won’t trigger spam filters, but will negatively affect your open rates. They are: Help, Percent Off, and Reminder.

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