3 Ways to Qualify Existing Leads with Video Data

3 Ways to Qualify Existing Leads with Video Data

Aug 24,2017 Posted by to digital advertising

3 Ways to Qualify Existing Leads with Video Data

As marketers, we know video is an important marketing tactic to engage with your visitors and spark purchase intent. If you read our last post on the 3 different stages of the potential client’s journey, then you also know about the pivotal role that video can play in your marketing automation.

Are you looking for ways to secure your leads using existing video data? In today’s post we’re going to share 3 ways how you can use video data to qualify your potential leads.


3 Ways to Qualify Existing Leads with Video Data


  1. Segment your contacts based on the videos they’ve watched.

See which videos your leads are watching, allowing you to better understand your customer acquisition funnel, work out which videos are helping drive conversions and craft more personalized follow up emails.

  1. Consider video heat maps directly in contact pages.

Find out how much of a specific video your leads are watching and whether certain groups of users are engaging with your content.

  1. Map your video content to the buyer’s journey.

Remember those 3 stages of client’s journey? Always try to organize your videos according to the awareness, consideration and decision stage of your viewer.



Not all video data should be treated the same way. Some videos should be considered more important than others when it comes to lead scoring. Learning how to score and prioritize your leads will ensure better results and your team closing more deals in the future.


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