17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind

17 SEO Myths That Should be Left Behind

Oct 11,2016 Posted by to AdaptiveSEO

We have focused upon how important SEO is in creating an internet presence for your Delaware business for the last couple of our blogs. For years now, there have been the #SEOisDead conspiracy theorist out there claiming that search engine optimization is a waste of time.

It would be foolish for businesses to stop including SEO in their digital marketing strategy. The goal of search engines is to take searchers to the most relevant results for which they are searching.

True, SEO tactics today are so very different from what they were a few years ago. At times it has frustrated even digital marketing professionals to determine which of these tactics work and which ones don not.

One thing is clear, Google is rewarding those websites that are optimized across the board for all types of devices; mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.  They are looking for a variety of quality indicators that indicate a positive user experience.

Google is not going to give as much weight to a website that has a high abandonment rate. If a large amount of users are leaving your website before a page fully loads, that is a sign that you are not providing an engaging experience.

17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind

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